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Colruyt is the discount store of Colruyt Group. A vast selection, the lowest prices and friendly, competent staff members occupy centre stage.

Lowest prices thanks to lowest cost

Lowest prices is not just Colruyt's slogan. It is a commitment that the store has entered into over thirty years ago, for the national brands as well as for its own brands and discount brands. To do this, we follow up the prices of other stores in the neighbourhood and lower our prices when necessary. Colruyt is transparent about this and offers customers the chance to check the prices themselves.

The lowest prices are only possible through the lowest cost. We distil everything to its essence by working simply and efficiently. Therefore, the lowest prices are neither to the detriment of the suppliers, nor of the employees.

The French variant

In the east and north-east of France, Colruyt Group has more than 60 Colruyt supermarkets. The French Colruyt concept is based on the Belgian formula, although the market in France differs significantly from the one in Belgium. That is why, for our southern neighbours, we came up with 'Prix-Qualité'. Yet, also there we offer the lowest price for all national brands and for products of comparable quality.