VR in retail design: a real game changer

To many people, virtual reality sounds like something of the distant future. For our designers, it's the best invention since the PC. You can often see them wearing the VR glasses at their desk. Not to play games, but to bring their designs to life.

Quick and efficient

"Virtual reality is very quick", says retail designer Stuart James. "You design something, upload it to VR and there you go: you are standing in the middle of your design." A nice addition to the mock-ups they make with the 3D printer. With VR, you can immediately see your design on a real-life scale. For example, it's the perfect tool to test an idea quickly and functionally.


You put on the glasses and before you know it you are walking around in a virtual store. Perfect to get into the skin of a customer or store employee. You immediately feel whether your design is user-friendly. Is everything in the right place, can I reach everything easily, etc. Fun, but especially very informative. It allows you to work with your new insights on a design for the 'real reality'.


"As if I suddenly have to work with an old typewriter again. That's how a day without VR would feel", says Stuart. "It's become an essential part of my 'tool box' in a very short time." We are also looking for new ways to use VR in the group. For example, we developed a game to make students enthusiastic about a job as a butcher at Colruyt.

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