Retail design: from problem to solution

Wearing face masks, disinfecting your hands frequently, allowing fewer customers in the store, ... At our Colruyt stores, we do everything we can to prevent the spread of the corona virus. New plexi glass screens at the checkout should help us with that. We developed them entirely in-house.

Permanent solution

At the start of the corona virus crisis, a lot of things were uncertain and we needed to move fast. To prevent the virus from spreading, we took a lot of measures. Using a roll-up at the checkout, we installed an extra 'shield' between our store staff and the customers. However, there are a few issues with these roll-up screens. They are not practical to use and are easily damaged when customers bump into them with their shopping carts. A permanent solution was required.


Jirko Van Lierde set to work. Both at the C-Tac (where your products are scanned) and at the P-Tac (where you pay), divisions were due. "We sought (and found) a solution that fit in the stores of the 3rd and of the 4th generation. An extra challenge was that we needed to find a plug-and-play concept. It was important that store staff were able to do the installation themselves, so that no technicians were required on site."

From idea to realisation in a jiffy

The entire process, from idea generation to validation, went very smoothly. Thanks to weekly consultations with the partner, we were able to make decisions quickly, and our purchasing cell also played an essential role. They ensured a good relationship with the suppliers of prototypes, as a result of which they could be tested and evaluated quickly. "All these things make that we are now already implementing this in all the Colruyt stores, 3 to 4 months after the initial request", Jirko says.

Other stores will follow

OKay and Bio-Planet, our other food stores, also need a similar division of course. "For these business activities we are now busy working on the design and testing of prototypes", Jirko says. "At OKay, there are big differences between the checkout units of the various generations. As a result, it's impossible to design one universal solution that can be applied in all branch stores."