Spar For You

The 'Spar For You' food service offers customers a 24/7 catering concept that meets today's changing needs, such as flexible working and consuming 'on-the-go'.

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Flexible service

Spar For You is a new, unmanned catering concept for companies, the healthcare sector, hotels, schools, etc., that facilitates the on-the-go lifestyle with a high-quality 24/7 offer. The various concepts offer guests, employees and passers-by a pleasant place to enjoy high-quality food and drinks non-stop.
Spar For You responds to the evolving needs of employees, customers and passers-by that are shifting increasingly towards on-the-go consumption. For example, people want to have lunch at flexible times, and purchase meals or groceries at work to consume on the road or at home.


Efficiency boost for B2B customers

The Spar For You catering concept allows B2B customers to have great efficiency gains. The arrival of a new work rhythm and varying locations marks the era of a new catering concept with more flexibility than the traditional 9-to-5 catering. Our formulas offer this flexibility and take away a large part of the customer's cares. Spar For You takes care of both supply and security as a technology and guarantees reliability. Moreover, the customer will have an insight in the sales results and selection of the product range. This allows them to adjust where necessary or perhaps even (partly) take care of exploitation.

Three customised concepts

Because every organisation has different needs, Spar For You offers three different types of set-ups. Each set-up can be visually adjusted to the organisation's house style.

  • Smart refrigerator: standalone, refrigerated pantries that automatically recognise which products the customer takes and deduct the purchase price from their account. The smart refrigerators have been in use successfully for a while, for example in the Jims fitness chain.

  • Food corner: two smart refrigerators, a coffee machine, a water tap, industrial microwave ovens, with the option of a seating area.

  • Mini market: all-in-one solution in self-service, with a wide range of food and drinks and the possibility of a non-food offer.

Expertise in house

Spar For You is the result of a successful collaboration between three partners at Colruyt Group. Spar Colruyt Group guarantees expertise in retail, our food service specialist Solucious takes care of supply and our innovation hub Smart Technics delivers the technology. In 2022, Spar For You launched test projects for ISS and SN Brussels Airlines among others and early 2023 a large set-up at UCB was created. We continue to research and develop the various store concepts, with an eye for other technologies and implementation on more public places.

A few figures

Launched in 2023

3 formulas


+32 (0)2 333 88 88

Monday - Friday:
from 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Saturday: from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Closed on Sundays & public holidays

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