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Cotton fibre has so many qualities that it is massively used in textile production. To reduce the impact of cotton cultivation on people and the environment, we are increasingly buying sustainably certified (organic) cotton. And as a member of non-profit organisation BCI, we work towards more sustainable cotton cultivation.

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Published on 08/03/2022

Opting for a more sustainable cotton cultivation

Colruyt Group is a member of non-profit organisation Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which is working on more sustainable cotton cultivation worldwide. The organisation focuses on economic as well as ecological and social aspects and wants to make a difference on the ground, for the cotton farmers themselves. Think of better working conditions or limiting the use of pesticides.

As a member of BCI, we contribute to more sustainable cotton cultivation worldwide. As a member of BCI, we contribute to more sustainable cotton cultivation worldwide.

BCI-certified cotton at Dreambaby

Our retail formulas increasingly opt for BCI-certified cotton. Our baby specialist Dreambaby already undertook in 2017 to buy better cotton for the entire volume of cotton used in its own Dreambee brand. This applies both to products made of 100% cotton and to products with a lower percentage of cotton fibres. Today, the lion's share of the private label collection is certified and Dreambaby is working towards 100% certification of all cotton products.

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certified cotton articles in the Dreambee collection in 2020

100 %

GOTS certified Dreambee white bodysuits in 2020


references with GOTS certification in the Colruyt textile range in 2020

Organic cotton with a smaller ecological footprint

In addition to BCI-certified cotton, Colruyt Group also opts for organic cotton. Organic cotton farming is far more eco-friendly than conventional cotton farming. Organic cultivation, for example, uses up to 91% less water, up to 62% less energy and results in up to 70% less soil acidification. Our organic cotton products are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the worldwide standard for organic (and sustainable) textiles. The GOTS label guarantees, among other things, that the end products are completely free of pesticides, insecticides and dangerous chemicals.

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Onze babyspecialist Dreambaby neemt het voortouw in de introductie van bio-katoen. Zo worden alle witte body’s van het eigen merk Dreambee al enkele jaren uitsluitend gemaakt van bio-katoen met GOTS-certificering. En Colruyt Laagste Prijzen stelde zich tot doel om in de categorieën kousen, ondergoed en onderhemdjes minstens één gecertificeerde referentie op te nemen.

Our baby specialist Dreambaby is taking the lead in the introduction of organic cotton. For example, all white bodysuits from our own Dreambee brand have been made exclusively of GOTS-certified organic cotton for several years. And Colruyt Lowest Prices set itself the target of including at least one certified reference in the categories of stockings, underwear and vests. 

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