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Colruyt Group presents the supermarket of the future

In the coming six years, Colruyt Group aims to inspire people with its store visualisation in the new 'House of the Future' of Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde.

In the coming years, Colruyt Group will be presenting its supermarket of the future in the new 'House of the Future' of Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde. The group sketches what a store of the future could possibly look like and aims to inspire people with this. Technology is omnipresent in the store visualisation in a natural and user-friendly manner.

Intelligent cooking island

The store is much smaller than the average Colruyt store and looks like an enlarged Collect&Go collection point. Shopping will increasingly be ordered on-line and collected or delivered to the customer's home. A cooking island with an intelligent cooking plate is located in the middle of the store. When customers place a product on this plate, the plate immediately recognises the product and issues a recipe.

Personalised consumer profile

Customers will make use of personalised consumer profiles on their smart phones when shopping. This profile contains all information about cooking interests, eating habits, but also about allergies. Based on this profile, customers receive relevant and personalised information via their smart phones and built-in digital screens on the store shelves.