Step by step towards a more sustainable world



Balanced eating, sufficient exercise, looking after yourself.


Creating a safe, respectful and liveable environment together.

Animal welfare

A better quality of life for animals, year after year.


Lower environmental impact thanks to small and large initiatives.

12 million trees to capture our greenhouse gas emissions

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to counter global warming, that is what we have been working on for years. However, our activities still cause emissions we cannot avoid. To absorb these remaining emissions, we will plant as many as 12 million trees on a surface twice the size of the Sonian forest. As a result, the group will capture more CO2 than it emits as from 2030.

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The Eco-score makes eco-friendly choices easier

We are increasingly aware of the impact of our food. Not only on our health, but also on our planet. But how do you know if certain food products are an eco-conscious choice? Get help from the Eco-Score tool: a score which instantly gives you information about the ecological impact of your product.

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Our sustainable initiatives that benefit us all

A more sustainable world is not achieved by everyone doing their own thing: we need to work together. Our inspiration is driven by what is important to you, and vice versa. Sustainability is a fundamental part of all our activities. Every day we take small and big steps towards improving our health, society, animal welfare and creating a better environment. If we don't succeed today, we’ll try again tomorrow. Step by step, we continue to move forward.


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Choose wisely using the Nutri-Score

The Nutri-Score is a clear labelling system that converts nutritional value into a simple code of 5 colours and letters, making it even easier for consumers to make healthier choices. We provide information that is transparent - it’s up to you to make the decision.

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Joining hands against street litter

Cigarette butts, empty cans and waste plastic: away with it! Together, we want to tackle the litter problem. Are you with us? Endlessly talking about street litter doesn’t achieve much. Taking action does. With the five-year plan ‘Joining hands against street litter’, we want to make a visible difference by 2020.

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