Mission and values

Just like in a normal family, the sister companies in Colruyt Group don’t all do the same things. Nevertheless, we all sing from the same song sheet and speak with one voice, thanks to a strong common identity. This translates into one mission statement and nine values in which all store formulas, brands and services can recognise themselves.

We have chosen each word in our mission statement very carefully

  • Together: we value all our employees, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, shareholders, etc.
  • Sustainable: sustainable entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We use a minimum of raw materials, energy and human effort. That’s how we make the difference, for following generations too.
  • Added value: we aim for maximum added value for the economy, people and the environment.
  • Value-driven craftsmanship: we see expertise as more than just executing a job correctly. People who have the necessary Skills, Attitude and Knowledge, emanate professional pride and are inspired by the group values.
  • Retail: we focus on retail and wholesale.


9 group values that live

We’re happy to turn pretty words into deeds. Each of our core values is linked to a focus point which we want to draw attention to in practice.

  • Respect: everyone is equal. Each individual can be themselves and develop further.
  • Togetherness: we encourage cooperation at all levels and we connect with one another as a team.
  • Simplicity: our employees keep things as simple as possible. We work quickly, (cost-) efficiently and avoid doing the same job twice.
  • Readiness to serve: helping is one of our qualities. We are committed to serving our customers and colleagues.
  • Faith: we believe in one another. Mutual trust gives people positive energy.
Team day employees DATS 24
Collaboration and collegiality are at the center of our team days for employees.
  • Hope: we all hope that we will succeed in everything we undertake. Our employees get the resources they need to deliver good work.
  • Space: we consciously give and take the time to pause in our work and, together, look at what we’re doing.
  • Courage: we encourage entrepreneurship. Everyone gets the opportunity to take initiatives.
  • Strength: employees who can fully develop their potential get fulfilment from their jobs, and this leads to job satisfaction.
Radiant employee Bio-Planet
You can just tell when someone is satisfied with their job.