Together for more sustainability

Sustainable business is in our DNA. From the very beginning, we have aimed to create added value for people and the environment through our commercial activities. We want to create a virtuous circle from our privileged position in the chain. Every day we go one step further, in close cooperation with our suppliers, producers, 29,000 employees and with you, as a citizen and a consumer.

Step by step towards a more sustainable world

That’s why we’ve chosen four themes which are close to your heart and ours: health, society, animal welfare and the environment. Find out about our vision and our positive initiatives on this website and in our shops. You’ll recognise them by four icons, one for each theme. We want to inform and inspire you, one step at a time, about making your consumption more responsible. So our services and products can help you to take care of yourself and your environment.


You want to live a healthier life, so you also expect initiatives on the part of companies or from your shop to be able to do this. And you have every right to do so. When we take initiatives to make our products healthier or when we offer alternatives for a balanced lifestyle, we indicate these using the ‘healthy’ symbol. This way, leading a healthier life gradually becomes easier.

Animal welfare

The ‘animal welfare’ symbol helps you to easily choose products, services, etc. whereby a concrete effort has been made to improve the animals’ quality of life. We remain vigilant and continuously examine ways to improve the situation even further.


If a product, an initiative, or a service contributes towards making an environment safe, respectful, and enjoyable to live in, then you can recognise it by the ‘society’ symbol. By supporting such an initiative or by choosing a product bearing this symbol, you are helping to improve society.


The ‘environment’ symbol instantly shows you which products and services help you reduce your impact on the environment step by step and how we improve the sustainability of our operations, so that caring for the environment becomes slightly easier.



Voice of the Sustainable Development Goals

Colruyt Group is a ‘voice’ of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together with 7 other Belgian organisations, we help to make the public more aware of those goals. We want to inspire as many people and organisations as possible to cooperate actively in achieving them. All of our stories on this website show how they fit in with the international sustainability agenda. That way, you can see how we choose for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Sustainability Report 2017/18

This year, we report for the first time on the social added value which our group creates. We do this based on seven sustainable development goals. Discover the key themes on which we have an impact as an organisation, plus some key figures relating to our results. 

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