12 programmes to make a difference

Working on sustainability in all areas at the same time is an impossible task. For this reason, we have specified twelve themes to focus on. For each of them, we believe that we can play a significant role. They are also at the top of the agenda for our stakeholders and society at large. We call these themes our ‘twelve programmes’. Together they form our sustainability strategy. Experts bring each programme to life, in more than 150 projects.

Why ‘a programme’?

It is a strong concept, full of meaning. A programme is a work in progress, something that is ongoing. A project that we constantly build on and fine-tune together with many experts. Piece by piece, constantly improving. Perfectly in line with our vision of sustainable entrepreneurship. Because sustainability never ends. So, we continue to work on it.

How we do business sustainably

12 programmes







Animal welfare


Work context


Training & development


Living together




Raw materials










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