4 inspiring consumer themes


Sustainability is in our DNA. From the very start, we have always done business sustainably. From our position in the chain we want to create a positive spiral. For you. For all people. For the animals. And for the environment. Every day a step further. Working closely with our suppliers, producers, our almost 30.000 employees and you.

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Making sustainable choices easier than ever

What if you can ensure good health, a respectful society, better animal welfare or a cleaner environment through the choices you make during the week? We use four icons to make it easier for you.

Measurable impact

Only products, services and initiatives with clear, strong aims and a demonstrable impact on health, society, animal welfare or the environment are given an icon. And all of us in Colruyt Group follow the same rules. From our stores to our energy supplier. Because we believe that we can only really make a difference by working together.

Everything can always be made better.

And we gain new insights every day. So, every small step in the right direction counts. That’s how we get there. Together. Step by step. You and us.


You want to live a healthier life and expect businesses and your shop to make an effort too. Rightly so. Hence, when we take initiatives to make our products healthier or propose alternatives for a balanced lifestyle, we indicate this by the health icon. Making it easier to live more healthily, step by step.

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If a product, initiative or service promotes a safe, respectful and liveable environment, you can recognise this by the society icon. By supporting an initiative with this icon or choosing a product with the society icon, you help create a better society.

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Animal welfare

The animal welfare icon makes it easy for you to choose products and services where a definite effort is made to offer animals a better quality of life. We remain vigilant and constantly examine ways to improve the situation further.

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The environment icon instantly shows you which products and services reduce your impact on the environment step by step, and how we are making our activities more sustainable, so that caring for the environment becomes slightly easier.

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Do you have any tips or suggestions? We look forward to hearing them. Together, we will explore what further initiatives we can take.

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