We are throwing our weight behind the UN sustainability agenda

To report on sustainable entrepreneurship, we have chosen the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN’s 17 SDGs run until 2030 and include reducing world poverty, fighting inequality and tackling climate change. Since 2017, Colruyt Group has carried the title of ‘Voice’ of the SDGs. It is a wonderful recognition of our years of dedication to sustainability.

Making more progress together

The fact that there is worldwide agreement about a common sustainability agenda is a good thing. If everyone takes responsibility, from individuals to non-profit organisations, corporations and governments, we will move forward faster together. And Colruyt Group makes its contribution towards this. We link the UN’s ambitious goals to concrete challenges in a European retail context and set to work, together with our partners.

Sustainable development goals

Proud SDG ambassador

Along with seven other Belgian organisations, we have enthused the general public about the UN’s SDGs since 2017. We are delighted to fulfil this role. Accordingly, we test all of our initiatives against the global agenda and communicate this clearly, on our website and to our employees and customers. By doing so, we hope to inspire people and organisations to play an active part in creating a more sustainable future.

How we do business sustainably

17 universal goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda includes 17 goals which are recognised by all nations. They are grouped around the five Ps: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.



Sustainability reporting in our annual report

Every year, we report on the social added value which our group creates. We base this on the SDGs, combined with a series of KPIs or indicators. Our annual report provides a good picture of where we currently stand. Because sustainable entrepreneurship never ends.

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