Boni Selection

Boni Selection has an extensive range of products with an excellent price-quality ratio that will make your life simpler. After all, the recognisable packaging ensures you can easily find the products on the shelves, which saves you a lot of time.

Just that little bit extra

In the selection and development of Boni Selection products, there is a special focus on four important aspects. They have to be sustainable and respect people, animals, and the environment. In addition, we make our products as healthy and nutritious as possible, without losing any of their flavour. Moreover, when you buy our products you buy impeccable quality in attractive, informative packaging. With Boni Selection, you therefore get more value for your money.

Something for everyone

Whether you are shopping for biscuits, yoghurt, drinks or condiments, or looking for prepared meals, maintenance products, or personal care products, Boni Selection has it all. The brand also offers organic and gluten-free products and products specifically geared towards children.

Excellent quality

For Boni Selection, our buyers carefully select products that offer you added value. For example, our delicious AA milk is from Belgian manufacturers, and our frozen fish contains no additives. And the Boni Selection smoked salmon tastes just that extra bit better because it is artisanally salted and slowly smoked at a low temperature. The same goes for all our products - they are flavourful, of excellent quality, and perfectly priced.

Everyday organic

Boni Selection Bio offers a range of 250 organic products of excellent quality that are easily recognised by their bright green packaging. Each package is stamped with the European organic label, so you know the product meets the European standards for organic products. Not only are Boni Selection Bio's products tasty, they also make an organic lifestyle simple and affordable. 

A gluten-free diet made easy

Whether you are gluten intolerant or choose to not consume gluten, the Boni Selection NO Gluten line will make your life a lot easier. Not only will you find basic products such as bread and pasta in our range, but also gluten-free biscuits and ready meals. Because people who cannot digest gluten are often lactose intolerant as well, wherever possible, we try to also make our gluten-free products, lactose-free. So from now on, you can do all your shopping for your entire family in one place.

Animal fun for the kids

The Boni Selection Kids products have been completely tailored for your children. They are piece by piece tasty products in easy, colourful packaging with animals on them. The Kids products are especially convenient to use. Think of to-go packs, nifty caps, small yoghurt cups, or small tissues for small noses. 

Pure indulgence

Boni Selection also has a large range of products for special occasions to treat your guests. For every course of your feast, we have something good; from classics such as lobster bisque to salmon carpaccio and fish gourmet. You can end the meal with some delicious ice cream or a chocolate cake. Our Party line is available in stores from November until February. 

Boni is a conscious choice for affordable quality.



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