For several years, Econom has been offering a wide range of basic wholesale and catering products - fresh, dried, frozen, and non-food - at great prices.

Why chefs like Econom so much

  • Econom makes cooking easy, while keeping food costs low. This results in extra room in the food budget.
  • Econom sells products in bulk packages that provide even more information. As such, they meet the practical needs every chef has: they are comfortable to use, cost-efficient, and they produce less food waste.
  • Chefs are always looking for the right price-quality ratio. Econom offers a wide range of good, reliable products, from sandwich spreads to condiments and non-food products.
  • Whether you are a chef in a professional kitchen or a restaurant, Econom helps you out every day with products that can make tasty and nutritious meals. Make something good every day.

Budget-friendly cooking with quality products.


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