Fiets! has been the go-to shop since 2010 for people who want a healthy form of exercise, with the reassurance that the bike they are using to cycle to school or work is of top quality. Our wide range of branded bikes will help you get on your way hassle-free and the service we provide will make your life a lot easier. Our specialist clothing and accessories will keep you firmly in the saddle. We also have in-house experts who are ready to answer all your questions. You can therefore continue to safely enjoy riding your bike.

The ideal solution for companies

Are you looking for a mobility solution that also has tax benefits for your company? Thanks to our extensive network of shops, we are the ideal partner for companies or public bodies who want to offer their employees a cycle-to-work scheme. Ask us to provide you with a tailor-made cycle-to-work scheme and take one of our bicycles out on a test drive. That way you can be sure you are choosing the correct type of bike, whether pedal-powered or electric, that will be a joy for your employees to use. Do you need a repair or replacement? You can rely on our repair bus to help you out.

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Carefree commuting

More and more people are cycling for their commute to work, but that doesn't mean that cycling has to be hard work. After all, everyone wants to arrive at work nice and fresh in the morning and return home nice and relaxed in the evening. Our experts can give you tips to ensure you get the best out of any bike ride. And for your employees, that means a carefree commute. Our experts are up to date with the latest trends, as well as providing you with tailored advice and customer service, including clothing and accessories. Everyone has the right to enjoy cycling.

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