Do you remember the taste of vegetables grown in the outdoors? Leavened bread made of flour ground on stone, water and salt that was allowed to sit for 48 hours? Or how delicious the meat of animals that received time and space to grow naturally is?

Market every day: the ordinary extraordinarily good

Cru is a fresh produce market, for people who are passionate about food. We are looking for the pure flavour of a simple product, without flavour enhancers or preservatives. We believe in the force of nature and give it time to do its work. We follow the rhythm of the seasons, not only for fruit and vegetables, but also for fish for example. And our animals have lived a happy life; you can taste this in the meat.

Discover. Taste. Experience.

In eatery Cuit, the chefs work with the products of our market to make simple preparations for breakfast, lunch or pre-dinner. Guests choose the components and thus compose their meal with a combination of products. They can place them on a platter in the middle of the table. Everyone takes what he or she wants. The principle is simple: sharing is caring.

Enjoying simplicity is the new luxury


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