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Colruyt is Colruyt Group’s Lowest Prices supermarket chain. For over 40 years, we’ve guaranteed the lowest price for any product at any time.

How we guarantee you get the lowest prices

Each day, we compare the prices of our products with the prices of identical products, or products of comparable quality in other large shops in the area. We also systematically go through all the promotional folders of other shops. We compare all their promotions with Colruyt prices. If need be, we lower our prices. And that’s what the ‘lowest prices’ you see on your till receipt means.

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Every customer is different. Finding the right solution each time is something we find satisfying.


We use our resources economically and consciously. Our shops are modest, our working methods as efficient as possible. That’s how our costs also remain low and we can invest our resources to the maximum in achieving the lowest prices.


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243 shops in Belgium and Luxembourg (March 31, 2019)

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