Who are we?

Colruyt Group, a family of companies

Over half a century Colruyt Group has grown from a family firm into a family of companies with more than 29.000 employees. For a long time we were primarily known for our discount store, Colruyt Lowest Prices, but over the last twenty years we have greatly diversified our activities. After an often modest start, most formulas have since grown into fully developed companies, with their own brand promise and target market.


Making the difference together

In everything that we do, we want to ensure maximum useful economic growth, human and social development, with a minimum of raw materials, energy and human effort. We work intensively with many players and organisations across the entire production and distribution chain and continuously build sustainable partnerships in the long term. In this way we can make the difference together. 


1 mission and 9 values

All companies of Colruyt Group have one common identity and culture summarised in our mission statement: Together, we create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship in retail. In order to realise this, every day we are inspired by nine group values: respect, simplicity, readiness to serve, togetherness, faith, hope, space, courage and strength. These values ensure that we speak the same language throughout the group.


XTRA: the family of companies becomes even stronger

This year we extra emphasised our diverse strengths with the introduction of Xtra, our shared customer loyalty card for nine stores and webshops. With Xtra we make life easier for our 3.700.000 customers. We will thus get to know them better and serve them better with information, benefits and a tailor-made (store) offering.


Sustainability in our genes

Sustainable entrepreneurship is in our DNA and runs as a common element through all our operations. That is why we consider it a great honour to be able to act as an ambassador of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG’s) of the United Nations for a year. The SDG’s are a successor to the millennium objectives. The seventeen objectives are recognised by all countries and thus form a usable reference framework for every government, organisation or individual who wants to work on a more sustainable world. On a Belgian level eight organisations were selected as a ‘SDG Voice’, including Colruyt Group.

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