Who are we?

Colruyt Group, a family of companies

Over half a century Colruyt Group has grown from a family business into a family of companies with more than 29.000 employees. All of this time, our greatest focus has been on retail. Today, we still make more than three quarters of our group revenue in that sector. At the same time, we have greatly diversified our activities during the last twenty years. Now, we also operate as a wholesaler, produce renewable energy and own stakes in clothing chains and offshore wind farms.

Making the difference together

No matter how different, with every new initiative we want to provide meaningful added value. This means seeking sustainable solutions, in line with the spirit of the times, keeping up with new technologies and changing consumer demands. As a result, today all our activities are complementary and we are increasingly realising our ambition to provide relevant solutions with Colruyt Group for every stage of the customers’ lives.

1 mission and 9 values

All businesses of Colruyt Group have one common identity and culture, summarised in our mission statement: together, we create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship in retail. In order to realise this, every day we are inspired by nine group values: respect, simplicity, readiness to serve, togetherness, faith, hope, space, courage and strength. Our values ensure that we speak the same language throughout the group.

Step by step to a more sustainable world

Sustainable entrepreneurship is in our DNA and runs as a common element through all our operations. Starting with an economic impetus, we also aim to bring about a positive social and ecological dynamism with long term results in mind. And with ambition, since we want to be a reference point and source of inspiration for sustainable entrepreneurship in Belgium. We are very proud of what we have already achieved over the years, although we realise that the sustainability story is never complete. That is what makes us constantly dedicated to making a meaningful difference together, step by step.

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