Word from the Chairman

Step by step, further down the chosen path

The 2017/18 financial year was one of continuation and steady growth for Colruyt Group. We saw our comparable group revenue rise by 3,4 % to over 9 billion euros and ended the financial year with a net profit of 374 million euros.

Once more, we were fully focussed on innovation and sustainability. For example, we opened our first fossil fuel-free stores and began to refurbish older stores to convert them into low-energy buildings. We also invested strongly in research and apps for personally customised food. Because we want to make it easy for everyone to make well-informed choices. Higher quality data and new technologies also allow us to create added value for people. I’m thinking here of our recent Apporto app, which makes it easier to shop for groceries for others, creating more connections in the process. Of course, we manage our data with the greatest respect for privacy, in full compliance with the new European privacy legislation (GDPR).

During the last financial year, themes such as animal welfare and food safety were high on the social agenda. In these and many other social areas, we continue to make progress. As a link between producers and consumers, we take responsibility for making the chains more sustainable. We prefer to do this step by step, working closely with the other links in the chain.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributes to the growth of Colruyt Group: customers, suppliers, partners and, of course, our more than 29.000 employees. Through their dedication and enthusiasm, they ensure that we can continue on our chosen path full of confidence and determination.


Jef Colruyt
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Colruyt Group

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