CRU has ambitions to open its fourth market on the Eylenbosch site in Dilbeek

CRU has the ambition of opening a fourth market on the Ninoofsesteenweg in Dilbeek by the summer of 2021. The new covered market will be located in the former Eylenbosch brewery, which is currently undergoing extensive renovations. The announcement coincides with CRU's fifth anniversary and signals another step forward.

Ideal location in Dilbeek

In recent years, CRU has focussed on profitability. Now it is time to reinvest and open up an additional market. Dilbeek has proved to be an ideal location. “We are convinced that we can reach many potential customers within the Brussels Periphery”, says Jo Spiegeleer, CRU’s business unit manager. “Furthermore, the Eylenbosch site in Dilbeek is ideally located along the busy Ninoofsesteenweg and can be seen from miles away. That means this is a location with a lot of footfall.

The covered market covering an area of 800m² will host the different metiers of CRU: seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and meat, cold meats, cheese, bread, unique beverages, chocolate and flowers. In Dilbeek, CRU wants to put down roots and work with local partners as much as possible, just as it has elsewhere. In the dining area, which includes an outside terrace, customers are able to enjoy some CRU products.

19th-century brewery is given a new lease of life

The new CRU will be housed in the iconic Eylenbosch site, a former Gueuze and Lambic brewery dating from the late 19th century. “The building is currently undergoing a complete renovation and restoration, in keeping with the history of the building", explains Jo Spiegeleer. “The site should be completed by the spring of 2021, including the 55 apartments, 2,000 square metres of commercial space and 60 underground parking spaces. We can then start designing the interior.

CRU’s three other markets also take place in unique surroundings. The very first market in Overijse is located in a picturesque whitewashed farmstead and the markets in Ghent and Antwerp are located on the well-known Kouter and Groenplaats squares.


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CRU is a covered market for people with a passion for good food, authentic flavours and quality products. For the moment, it has three markets: Overijse, Ghent (Kouter) and Antwerp (Groenplaats). CRU's passionate artisans give authenticity a contemporary twist by offering day-to-day items at an unprecedented level of quality. They offer products in their purest form, and either prepare them straight-to-pan, or serve up the dishes as delicious ready-made meals for customers to purchase, and either eat in the Cuit restaurant in Overijse and Ghent, or take home. The market has different food areas, each offering a unique selection of fresh seasonal products: fruit and vegetables, meat and cold meats, poultry, fish, as well as cheeses, beverages, flowers, chocolate and traditional bread made from CRU’s own sourdough.

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