For the first time, Colruyt organises free shuttle buses for 10,000 festivalgoers in Dour

New camping location inspires unique collaboration between Colruyt Dour and Dour Festival

During Dour Festival mid-July, the local Colruyt store sees an average of 10,000 festivalgoers a day. This year, the camping site is situated some 4 kilometres from Colruyt Dour, a bit farther than usual. To make sure that festivalgoers can easily do their shopping, Colruyt and Dour Festival are joining forces and organising free shuttle buses between the camping site and the store. The Colruyt store is also completely converted into a festival store, with a lot of extra space for festival favourites such as Cara Pils beer and Aïki Noodles.

Taking the shuttle bus to the store

The Colruyt store in Dour and the organisation of Dour Festival have been collaborating for some ten years to provide festivalgoers with food and drinks. This year, the camping site is located farther than usual, as a result of which Colruyt is deploying 2 shuttle buses the first 4 days. Christophe Dehandschutter, Sales Manager at Colruyt Lowest Prices, explains: "We offer our expertise in logistics and retail. We deliver about twenty basic needs to the Dour camping store for the first time, including drinks, crisps, prepared meals and deodorant. For more, festivalgoers can take the shuttle buses to our own Colruyt store. There, they can find all their food and drinks at the lowest prices." The buses, with special stickers on them for the occasion, offer 65 seats and will drive between the store and camping site every fifteen minutes between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. "Festivalgoers are thus able to quickly stock up and then make the most out of their day at the festival. And since Colruyt Dour sees an average of 10,000 festivalgoers every day, the shuttle service also results in less car traffic."

Supermarket becomes festival store

To manage the flood of festivalgoers Colruyt Dour is being transformed. "Part of the loading and unloading area is converted into store space to sell large volumes of beer and water. Not only drinks are selling well, water guns and wet wipes are also going like hotcakes", says Christophe Dehandschutter. "Last year, the store sold some fifteen pallets of Cara Pils beer in cans, 2,600 pieces of Aïki Noodles and 1,200 pieces of Boni Selection tabbouleh. The Biover hand gel sold twelve times better than usual, Cristaline spray sold twenty-fold and 162 water guns were sold."

Actions against litter

The municipality of Dour aims at being the cleanest town during the festival period. Colruyt is joining this commitment and is making even more efforts this year to reduce waste at the store in Dour. Christophe Dehandschutter: "This year, we will take it even one step further by installing 2 large waste sorting islands in the car park. Every island has a container of 2,000 litres for residual waste, one of the same size for PMD and a 4,000 litres glass bin. These are being emptied twice a day. In addition, the store will offer a lot of extra cardboard boxes. This allows the festivalgoers to transport their supplies to the camping site easily and plastic-free." All these initiatives are not only part of Colruyt Group's broader action plan 'Together against litter', they also fit in closely with the efforts Dour Festival is making to be a sustainable festival.


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