Colruyt employee’s boardgame makes it to the store shelves

Exclusively for sale in 200 Colruyt stores, 40 Dreamland stores and a number of webshops

Every fairy tale begins with “Once upon a time…”. In the case of Mathias Rossie, sales person at Colruyt over the last 13 years, you can add “… there was a sausage” to this. Mathias came up with ‘Würst case scenario’, a boardgame that is now also exclusively sold in about 200 Colruyt stores and 40 Dreamland stores. The game is also available in the DreamLand and ColliShop webshops. This is quite a feat because of all the games people come up with every year, only a fraction makes it to the store shelves. On Wednesday afternoon, 12 September, Mathias is organising a demonstration moment at Colruyt Merksem (Roosensplein).

Game with potential

37-year old Mathias regularly visit game fairs. Würst case scenario was picked up by game producer Jumping Turtle Games. The original theme and the compact rules of the game which allow you to play the boardgame within a couple of minutes very much impressed them. Colruyt's purchase department also saw potential in it and decided to include ‘Würst case scenario’ in the assortment. The game is also available in the DreamLand and ColliShop webshop. It costs 14.99 euros and is available in Dutch and French.

Toy kitchen

My son has a toy kitchen at home”, says Mathias. “One day he was holding a plastic sausage and that's where the idea of the game came from. The idea behind ‘Würst case scenario’ is that sausages escape from the sausage factory. Doughnuts, mayonnaise and jelly are just a couple of tools that save your sausage from the meat grinder, or speed up its tragic fate. The fact that your opponents don't know who you are is one of the funnest aspects of the game. Maybe they are helping you without knowing it, or maybe you are helping them to win.” Tactical and fun at the same time!

Long live the king?

Mathias has already come up with two boardgames. In his other boardgame ‘The King Is Dead’ the king has died and different families lay claim to the throne. “Kind of like Games or Thrones, but without all the bloodshed”, explains Mathias. “To make it all a bit lighter, the conventional characters have been replaced by cartoonesque animals. A bird, a rhinoceros, you name it. It turned into a card game, because card games are very popular in boardgame communities currently. As soon as the title, characters and matching drawings have been finalised, we can take the next steps to get ‘The King Is Dead’ on the shelves at Colruyt.

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