Colruyt innovates with fresh and frozen baby meals

From now on, mums and dads can find fresh prepared baby meals at Colruyt Lowest Prices. With this scoop, the retailer meets an important need of busy parents by offering a delicious and reliable alternative for homemade baby food.* Two enterprising mums developed the 100% fresh and frozen range for babies based on their personal experience and life style. The fresh prepared meals fit in perfectly with a balanced diet for babies, proposing classics with a twist such as spaghetti with hidden vegetables and surprising dishes such as tikka masala. As of tomorrow, the broad range is available in 97 Colruyt stores and Collect&Go pick-up points under brand names Pipin Pear and Annabel Karmel.

*A qualitative market survey of Colruyt Lowest Prices proves this.

Fresh dishes for little gourmets

Until today, it was difficult to find fresh and frozen prepared baby food in Belgian supermarkets. Busy mums and dads, who wanted to give their little ones fresh food, remained dissatisfied. The new range of fresh baby food at Colruyt changes all this. When parents are very busy, they can choose the balanced ready-to-eat fresh baby food that is quick and easy to prepare.

"To us, as a retailer, it is important to meet the needs of families with children, our main target group. In the qualitative market survey, young mums and dads indicated that they are looking for fresh meals that taste like homemade meals and solve their lack of time. With the new and innovative range of Pipin Pear and Annabel Karmel, they can give their child a freshly prepared meal in no time and with complete confidence," says Geert Elen, product group management department head at Colruyt Lowest Prices.

Generous taste palette and 100% fresh

The Pipin Pear fresh organic meals and the Annabel Karmel frozen range offer variation with meat and fish dishes but vegetarian meals and soups as well. Pipin Pear includes 10 meals for babies from 5 months to 1 year and older. The Annabel Karmel range consists of 7 frozen meals and 2 soups for babies as from 1 year.

Colruyt's market survey showed that there is great demand for fresh soups without additives. With prepared soups, babies get their portion of vegetables as a snack or a main meal.

With this broad range, parents can introduce more variation in their baby's menu and the apple of their eyes can discover new and original flavours such as chicken curry, beef stew and quiche with fish. Moreover, the food is not mashed so that babies can get used to the texture of solid food at an early age. Thanks to the fresh ingredients, the flavour and texture of the meals comes very close to 'homemade' baby food. They do not contain any preservatives or additives and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

"Market research shows that parents find the existing baby food supply too limited. They want to let their baby discover new flavours to develop a wider taste palette at a young age. The Pipin Pear and Annabel Karmel assortment changes this in a nourishing and surprising way. Moreover, our quality department and nutritionists were closely involved in launching the baby meals. The tasting tests and qualitative market research also convinced us that the baby meals come up to the expectations of mums and dads with regard to nutritional values and flavour," concludes Geert Elen.

Fresh and frozen

From tomorrow, the new baby meals will be available in 97 Colruyt stores and Collect&Go pick-up points (complete list of stores: The Pipin Pear fresh organic meals are for sale in the freshmarket. They do not contain any added sugars and salt. The Annabel Karmel meals can be found in the frozen products department. The freezing process makes the meals very nourishing because vitamins and minerals of the fresh ingredients are all preserved.

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Conclusions Colruyt market survey

  • The search for the ideal baby food causes parents to feel stressed or guilty.
  • Parents prefer giving their baby homemade fresh food, but for lack of time and energy, they often fail.
  • Parents want baby food to be nourishing and tasty.
  • Parents feel it is important to let their baby discover new tastes and textures.
  • Parents expect fresh baby food to resemble 'homemade' baby food and to meet the following criteria:
    • varied and tasty
    • nourishing (organic, local, no flavour enhancers or preservatives, little or no added sugars and salt)
    • fresh
    • quick and easy to prepare


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About Pipin Pear and Annabel Karmel

Irene, mother of 2 children and manager of a restaurant in Ireland was determined always to make fresh baby food when she became a mum. She soon experienced that it was impossible for lack of time. After closing time, she started to experiment with the preparation of baby meals and started offering a Baby Food Menu in the restaurant, with success. Encouraged by the reactions of customers, Irene participated in the Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards in 2014 and won the gold, silver and bronze medals for her dishes. This recognition made her decide to launch a complete product line for parents who want to give their baby the very best: Pipin Pear.

Annabel Karmel, mother of 3 children and Great Britain's most successful author on baby food and nutrition, started her career in 1991 with 'The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner' and has written 45 cookery books since. For more than 30 years, Annabel has been the reference for British mums and dads when it comes to healthy, balanced and tasty baby food.

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