Colruyt makes shopping easier for Muslim customers

In 2018, Colruyt will introduce about 40 new products, specifically aimed at the needs of the Muslim community in Belgium. You can find them in 40 stores, mainly in urban areas. Mainly couscous, bulgur, cheese, herbs, tea, soft drinks, fruit and vegetables. "Halal meat or other products from animals that were not anaesthetised before slaughtering do not fit in with our vision on animal well-being and will not be included in our assortment", says Guy Elewaut, marketing manager Colruyt Lowest Prices.

Various lifestyles 

Colruyt has more and more customers with various lifestyles: vegetarians, vegans, Muslims, people with lactose or gluten intolerance, etc. "We notice that our current supply does not quite meet the needs of the growing Muslim community", Guy Elewaut continues. "They are often families with children who shop price-consciously, and that is Colruyt's main target group. We want to serve all customers to the best of our ability and allow them to shop efficiently at the lowest prices. Adapting our assortment is one way to meet the needs of our Muslim customers better." Like the veggie and gluten-free supply, the new products will not be on separate shelves, but next to similar products all over the store. 


Halal at Colruyt

Muslim customers look for halal products and often lose time checking the ingredients lists. "There is no worldwide unambiguous definition of the halal notion", Guy Elewaut explains. "Our Muslim customers told us that they mainly look for vegetarian and non-alcoholic products because they are 100% sure to be halal. If there is no meat or alcohol in them, they do not have to doubt. Examples are sweets with or without gelatine, sauces with or without alcohol. This is how our definition of halal was created: vegetarian and non-alcoholic." Colruyt's halal definition is interesting for many people since it contains elements that are relevant for other customers such as vegetarians and pregnant women. 

In the MyColruyt app, in the 'lifestyle preferences' feature, we will add a 'halal' preference to the existing veggie, vegan and non-alcoholic preferences. It is the composition of the veggie and non-alcoholic preferences. Products that meet this preference get a green thumb. Muslim customers can thus quickly see whether or not they can eat the product according to their conviction. 


Correct image of society

Multiculturalism is very important to Colruyt and that is why it wants to give a representative image of society in all its communications, from TV spots to publicity folders. The retailer applies the principle of inclusiveness and starts from similarities, not from differences. Colruyt's cooking team, which has been creating and testing recipes for 30 years now, regularly publishes recipes of ethnic origin in folders and cookery books. This inspires not only Muslims but also more and more customers who are looking for recipes from all over the world. For these recipes, the cooking team works with freelancers with Turkish or Moroccan roots. 

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