Colruyt meets increasing demand for online shopping by youth associations

New: reserve camp groceries and pick them up at Collect&Go

Youth associations have less time to buy goods for their camps and prefer online shopping. A survey Colruyt Group conducted among Belgian youth associations revealed this. Consequently, Colruyt offers this possibility in its Collect&Go web shop. Youth associations can also shop in the Colruyt stores or reserve their goods online and have Colruyt Group's food service partner Solucious deliver them to the camp location.

New: pick up groceries at Collect&Go

Our survey shows that it has become more difficult for youth associations to find volunteers to take care of fodder or camp purchases”, says Guy Elewaut, Colruyt marketing manager. ”As a result, many associations prefer to reserve online and pick up the reservation. As from this year, Colruyt offers them the possibility to reserve camp purchases in the Colruyt web shop at Colect&Go. This is Colruyt Group's online shopping service. The youngsters simply select the products they need by means of the app or at and we prepare everything in the pick-up point they chose, near their campsite for instance. They also choose the day and time that suits them best. If they reserve at least 4 days in advance, they are sure everything will be available. And they benefit from the same advantages as in the Colruyt store.”

Shopping at Colruyt

Of course, youth associations can still shop in a Colruyt store. Apart from the lowest prices, they also receive a 10% discount on all Boni Selection and Boni Selection Bio products and on all the meat from the Colruyt butcher's department. From this year, they can also reserve meat online (at least 3 working days in advance) in the Butcher's department web shop at A booklet with budget-friendly recipes for large groups gives them tips for a balanced, varied and affordable camp menu. They also receive 20 free safety vests to help them play safely day and night.

Delivery at campsite by Solucious

Colruyt Group's food service partner for professionals, Solucious, can offer optimal convenience. Youth associations order their camp products online at Everything is then directly and food-safely delivered to the campsite, anywhere in Belgium. Ideal for associations that need large volumes. This service is free as from a total purchase amount of 250 euros. And they receive a 3% discount on this amount.

Colruyt Group thus offers youth associations a customised camp service.


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Top 6 of camp products bought most in 2017

  1. Boni Selection barn eggs (30 pieces)
  2. Boni Selection Choco Clams 750 g
  3. Minced meat beef + pork
  4. Everyday semi-skimmed milk 1 l
  5. Everyday still water 2 l
  6. Everyday new potatoes 5 kg

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