Colruyt, first Belgian supermarket to test voice-recorded shopping lists

Colruyt Lowest Prices is the first Belgian supermarket to test voice-recorded shopping lists. Customers can register from today. During the test, they will record their list on their smartphone, after which they receive customised product suggestions. "Together with our customers, we examine whether speech technology is an efficient means to prepare for shopping", says marketing manager Guy Elewaut.


New: dictate Colruyt shopping lists

Colruyt Lowest Prices is the first Belgian supermarket to test voice-recorded shopping lists and asks its customers to help. "The test has to show whether this is an easier way for our customers to prepare for shopping", says Guy Elewaut.

The shopping lists are dictated by means of Google Assistant, the speech software that can ask questions and give voice commands. Google is working on the Belgian version of Google Assistant. In the meantime, we organise the test with the version already available in the Netherlands and France.

Test customers will voice-record their shopping list on their smartphone (or any other device running Google Assistant) saving it in the MyColruyt app and on the Colruyt website. "It is possible to test the shopping list at any moment and in any situation”, Guy Elewaut explains. "At home when something is missing from the fridge, or on the way for instance. No need to write or type the list. Recording it is enough."

Customised product suggestions

When customers consult their list in the MyColruyt app, they receive product suggestions based on their preferences. When someone adds 'water', the app will suggest a bottle of Boni Selection mineral water of 1.5 l if that is what this customer often buys.

Afterwards, customers can tick off their list in the store or send it to Collect&Go, Colruyt Group's online shopping service.

Constant innovation

Linking the Colruyt shopping list to Google Assistant was an in-house effort. Guy Elewaut: "Colruyt likes to take the lead in innovation with the talent we have on hand."

Colruyt is constantly looking for ways to innovate its digital channels. Since the start of MyColruyt in 2016, we have added features to the app several times. In 2017 it became possible to send shopping lists to Collect&Go. Since last year, users can find products based on their eating habits (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).

The MyColruyt app is Colruyt Lowest Prices' smartphone application to make shopping easier. With the app, customers can consult and prepare their shopping lists. They can take their list to the store or send it to Collect&Go, Colruyt Group's online shopping service. The app also gives access to all Colruyt En Cuisine recipes and allows customers to find products or recipes matching a specific lifestyle (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free...).


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Colruyt is Colruyt Group's Lowest Prices supermarket. The store chain has been guaranteeing the lowest price for each product at any moment for more than 40 years now. Customers can find about 10,500 food and 7,500 non-food products, from fresh fruit and vegetables and meat to cleaning and care products. Colruyt also stands out by its simplicity, efficient shopping and efforts in the field of sustainability. The chain operates 243 stores in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and employs approximately 15,000 people. Customers can also order their purchases in the Colruyt web shop and pick them up in about 200 Collect&Go collection points.

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