Electronic price labels in renovated Colruyt Hoboken

On Wednesday 29 May, the renovated Colruyt store in Hoboken opens. The supermarket is equipped with a new entrance hall and a larger freshmart. Prices in the renovated store are mentioned on electronic price labels now. And for the customers' safety and comfort, the car park is now closer to the store's entrance. Finally, 4 extra co-workers can set to work in this renovated store.

Shop more efficiently

"During closure, we completely rearranged the store" , says store manager Rob Vandael. "It will allow our customers to shop even more efficiently. We enlarged the freshmart and we have an extra checkout post. In the refrigerated counters, they can find fresh meat in handy pre-packed portions. They can immediately see the ingredients, the quantity and the price. Just pick the package you want and take it with you."

Electronic price labels

In Colruyt Hoboken, paper labels have been replaced with electronic ones. "They offer quite a few advantages", says the store manager. "With this new system, we can react to price changes at our competitors much faster. And it is better for the environment: every year, we save a lot of transport and 75 million labels or 90 tonnes of paper. They are also energy-efficient since they only consume energy while a price is adapted. And we save time we can use to put products on the shelves for instance."

Safer car park

The car park was also rearranged. Rob Vandael: "We renovated it and brought it closer to the store entrance. It's safer and easier for our customers. Bicycles and shopping carts also received a new shed."

Low-energy store

For the renovation of the store in Hoboken, Colruyt chose sustainable techniques for energy, such as heat recovery. The heat emission from our refrigeration installation is recovered to heat the store. It enables us to optimise our energy consumption and reduce out CO2 impact.

Special open evening on 28 May

As from Wednesday 29 May, store manager Rob Vandael and his 42 co-workers - 4 more than before - will welcome their customers at Colruyt Hoboken again. "The evening before everyone can come and discover the new store", says the store manager. "During this special open evening, from 5 to 8 pm, we will gladly offer our customers a snack and a drink. Everyone is most welcome!"


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Practical information:

Colruyt Hoboken
Sint-Bernardsesteenweg 777
2660 Hoboken

Opening hours:

Mon – Sat:     8:30 – 20.00
Fri:      8:30 – 21.00

Open evening:

Tuesday 28 May from 17.00 to 20.00

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