Spar Glabbeek re-opens its doors in the new building

The new Spar Glabbeek will be opening on Thursday 31 May. The store has been refurbished in the style of the new generation of Spar convenience stores from Retail Partners Colruyt Group. The proprietors are organising a large opening reception to take place on Wednesday 30 May between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. All local residents are welcome to enjoy live music, a drink and a bite to eat from the Spar mobile chip stand.


Spar Glabbeek opened in November 1991 in the former Demerland fruit auction. “The building was built straight after the war and is now completely run down,” says proprietor Laura Troonen. Together with her husband co-proprietor Tom Wens, Laura decided to build a new Spar store opposite the old one. “We now have a brand-new Spar store that meets all today’s expectations.” The style has also been revamped. This store now has all the characteristics of the new generation of Spar convenience stores from Retail Partners Colruyt Group.

The store surface area is 200 m² larger than before. The fresh foods section could be made larger as a result. The bakery is at the front so residents of Glabbeek can more quickly buy their fresh bread in the mornings. Fresh fish has also been given a prominent place. Laura: “We have extended the ranges and continue to concentrate on fresh produce.” Extra attention has also been devoted to a vegetarian and lactose-free range. “There is high demand for this,” continues Laura.

In full development

The building work has made Spar Glabbeek a beacon in the transformation of the local area. The convenience store is indeed at the very heart of the new town centre. The local authority wishes to develop a large commercial centre around the store. The old store will free up space for new commercial premises and apartments. Social housing is also set to be built close by. The underground car park along with parking above-ground offers room for 75 cars. Cyclists can park either above-ground or below.

A feeling of togetherness

Local involvement is important to the proprietors. “Everyone depends on everyone else in this small town. There is a strong feeling of togetherness. There is also a pleasant atmosphere in our store. The residents of Glabbeek and the neighbouring towns feel welcome here,” say Tom and Laura. The central location of the Spar store means they are closely knit with social life in the village. “Despite difficult access during the construction work, the residents loyally continued do their shopping with us.” To thank them, Tom and Laura are organising an opening reception with live music and the Spar mobile chip stand on 30 May.

A lifelong in retail

Laura speaks passionately about the new Spar store. Business is in her DNA. As a child she spent all her time in her mother’s grocery. “My mum was a business owner with a dream: to put her daughter on the road to a good career in retail. We have come a whole way since then. On 31 May I will be able to open a modern convenience store of the new generation. My mum’s dream has come true.” Opening a modern Spar store at the heart of a town in full development is indeed a dream for Tom and Laura.

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