Sustainability, the heart of new OKay neighbourhood supermarkets

On Wednesday 15 February, OKay opens its 122nd en 123rd store in Hoeilaart and in Zoersel. Both establishments belong to the second-generation OKay stores that are built with sustainable techniques and materials. Rain water is buffered and reused, the fresh market runs on an environment-friendly propane cooling system and the lighting is energy-saving led. All future OKay stores will be built in the same way.


Lowest possible impact on environment

"It is very important to OKay to save energy and build with the lowest possible environmental impact. That is why, since 2015, we work with sustainable techniques and materials in the second-generation stores", says Fabrice Gobbato, general manager of OKay. The stores have a propane-powered cooling system for the freshmart. Propane is a natural cooling substance that reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses by 90% as compared to a synthetic coolant. Also, the insulation and ventilation in the store are tuned to one another to reduce loss of energy to a minimum and recover up to 75% of the warmth in the air. Led lighting in the store reduces energy consumption by 30% and there is a buffer for rain water that can be reused.


Fresh, modern design

OKay Hoeilaart and Zoersel are new-generation stores with a fresh, modern design. Thanks to upright freezers, the products are more visible and accessible to the customers. Wide aisles in the freshmart and large glass walls make shopping a pleasant experience. Fresh bread is supplied every day and the co-workers bake high-quality rolls and buns in the oven.

The fresh product supply is one of OKay's assets: fresh fruit and vegetables every day, dairy products, meat, cold cuts, fish and ready-to-eat meals. OKay offers a broad mix of national brands, private labels and discount brands. The local supermarket is also equipped with a handy 'Easy Cooking' counter. It contains all the ingredients for delicious season's dishes. Customers who quickly need to find a meal, don't have to walk through the whole store.


Double opening on 15 February

As from Wednesday 15 February 2017, store manager Dylan Debruyne and his team welcome their customers in the new OKay in Hoeilaart. The evening before, on Tuesday 14 February, neighbours are welcome at the opening reception from 6 to 9 pm. The store employs 12 people and is located at J.B. Charlierlaan 60, between the town centre and the Brussels Ring. The inhabitants of Hoeilaart could shop at OKay Vossem, Colruyt Overijse or Spar Huldenberg, but have now received their own local store.

Also as from Wednesday 15 February 2017, store manager Kellly Smits and her team of 11 co-workers welcome their customers at the new OKay in Zoersel. The store is located along the Zandstraat that leads to the E34 highway to Antwerp. The inhabitants of Zoersel could shop at OKay Zandhoven and Schilde, Colruyt Zoersel and Westmalle and Spar Westmalle.


About OKay

OKay is Colruyt Group’s neighbourhood store formula. OKay stores are set up near town or city centres and guarantee the lowest prices in the neighbourhood. Customers can find everything they need there.

The very first OKay opened its doors on 14 January 1998 in Ertvelde. Since then, the business unit has been opening an average of 6 new stores every year. Today, OKay has 102 stores in Flanders, 17 in Wallonia and 4 in Brussels. In the next years, neighbourhood supermarket chain OKay will keep up this pace and continue to open new sales outlets. In time, OKay intends to open a total of 180 stores in Belgium. Since November 2015, the chain also has its own distribution centre at the industrial estate of Lot (Beersel) in Flemish Brabant. OKay employs over 1,500 people today.



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Practical information:

OKay Hoeilaart
J.B. Charlierlaan 60
1560 Hoeilaart
Tel.: +32 (0)2 657 71 73

OKay Zoersel
Zandstraat 106
2980 Zoersel
Tel.: +32 (0)3 605 51 69

Opening hours OKay:
Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 19.30


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