Two Colruyt stores in La Louvière to cater for an increasing number of customers

The refurbished Colruyt store in La Louvière will open for business on Wednesday 13 November, barely 5 months after the one in Haine-Saint-Pierre opened. The two Colruyt stores in the entity are welcomed to serve increasing number of inhabitants. The refurbished supermarket is easy to get to on foot. It has been turned into a new generation Colruyt and offers a range of new facilities including a completely new-look butcher’s counter and electronic price labels. The building is also more energy-efficient, most notably with better insulation, a completely covered unloading bay and use of sustainable technologies.

Two Colruyt stores in the La Louvière entity

Colruyt in La Louvière dates back to 1979, and was last refurbished in 2000. Since then, the entity’s population has grown steadily, with more and more customers frequenting the store. Olivier Dhondt, manager, explains: “The store had become too poky, but as the site is too small, we could not contemplate extending it. So the solution was to open a second store in Haine-Saint-Pierre. Which we did last June. Colruyt in Haine-Saint-Pierre thus relieves our store and will help us to cover the east of the entity. However, Colruyt decided to refurbish the town centre store because the fact that it is in the immediate proximity makes it great for customers who want to go there on foot.”


Fully refurbished store and a butcher’s counter with an open butchery

“From Wednesday 13 November, customers will be able to come to a completely transformed store where they will be able to do their shopping more pleasantly and more efficiently.  Of course, the work we have done prioritises simplicity and minimises costs, which is what everyone clearly expects of Colruyt”, the manager continues.  

Customers can now help themselves to fresh, high-quality meat from an all-new butcher’s counter. Thiérry Dhont, head butcher: “Customers can see our butchers at work in the open butcher’s workshop. This is very handy if they have any questions or special requests. In addition, at the new butcher’s counter, they have a better overview of our whole range of meat, charcuterie and salads.


Electronic price labels

At Colruyt in La Louvière, electronic price labels have replaced paper labels. “They are better in more ways than one”, the manager stresses. “They enable us to react quicker to competitors’ price changes. The system is more environmentally-friendly as there is no need for either transport or printing 75 million labels every year, saving 90 tonnes of paper. They are also very efficient in terms of energy as they only consume electricity when a price is changed. Our employees also have more time, especially for placing products in store.”


No more fossil fuels

When refurbishing its store in La Louvière, Colruyt chose insulating materials and sustainable technologies, such as a system to recover heat from the ventilation of refrigerated installations or the installation of LED lighting, cutting the energy bill by nearly 30%. And the complete covering on the unloading bay increases store insulation and soundproofs it for local residents. Finally, the store no longer uses any fossil fuels.

The manager continues: “This project is part of a much broader refurbishment plan. By 2029, Colruyt Group’s CO2 emission rates should decrease by 4%.”


Special open evening on 12 November

Starting on Wednesday 13 November, the manager, Olivier Dhondt, head butcher, Thiérry Dhont and 34 of their colleagues will be ready to greet customers at the refurbished Colruyt in La Louvière.

The manager explains: “People can come and get a glimpse of what’s new on the eve of the opening. At the special open evening, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., we will serve drinks and canapés. Everyone is welcome!”


More information? Keen to meet with the manager or receive photos of the store?

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Johann Denis (Regional Manager) on 02 345 2345
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Practical information:

Colruyt La Louvière
Rue du Gazomètre 21
7100 La Louvière

Opening hours:

Mon - Sat: 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Open evening:

Tuesday, 12 November from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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