Bioplanet Recalls Biobim Baby Muesli 300 G

Announcement by Biofresh Belgium Recall Biobim muesli 8+ Problem: the product may contain traces of peanut (arachis)The subcontractor of the Biobim brand informs that a cross-infection has taken place on the ingredients. As a result, the presence of peanuts is suspected in the Biobim Muesli 8+. This is not mentioned on the label.Consuming Biobim muesli 8+ can cause reactions in people who are allergic to this.We want to inform consumers who are allergic to the allergen peanuts that this product may contain this allergen, despite the lack of this information on the packaging. Peanuts are allergens that can cause allergic reactions at intake in people allergic to this. There is no risk for consumers who are not allergic.Consequently, Biofesh Belgium decided in consultation with the FASFC to remove this product from the shelves and to ask consumers to return this product to the store.Description of the product:Biobim muesli 8+- Best before 06/06/2015 and 12/07/2016- Weight: 300 g- Sold at Bio-Planet from 25/03/2015 until 30/10/2015Information for consumers- If you are allergic or intolerant to peanuts, do not eat this product. Return it to the point of sale where you purchased it. It will be refunded.- If you have allergic reactions after eating this product, please consult a physician immediately.- More information? Call +31 485 330 600.

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