Brand new Spar opens its doors in Libin

On Thursday 25 April, a brand new Spar store will open in Libin, in the province of Luxembourg. The store has been rebuilt on the same location as the original Spar, but will be run by two new independent entrepreneurs: Serge Faite and Pascale Mouzelard. These two store managers are inviting all local residents to the opening reception on Wednesday 24 April between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. The evening will include a guided tour of the store and a tasting session of cold meats, cheeses and warm home-made specialities.

Welcoming store

The new Spar store is located at 15A rue du Curé. “It's not only local residents we hope to appeal to, but also people who work in the region. Our focus is also on holidaymakers, because thanks to the beautiful scenery and numerous holiday gîtes, our region is very popular with tourists", explains Serge.

During the construction works, the Spar store was temporarily housed in a canvas structure a little further up in the village. "That way our customers could still come to us for their daily shopping. The new building covers an area of 575 m², and includes a butcher's counter, a delicatessen counter with home-made specialities and many fresh delicacies that are local to the region."

And to enhance the shopping experience even more, the entrepreneurs opted to install two different types of tills. One of the tills is traditional, while at the other till, employees transfer your groceries from one trolley to another. This means that customers always enjoy speedy service, with a personal touch.

Completely new building

To ensure our customers have the best possible environment in which to do their shopping, the old building was completely demolished, thus giving a clean slate. "Our new building complies with the latest Spar standards. For example, we have invested in a highly energy-efficient CO² refrigeration system and in LED lighting."

Familiar faces with a wealth of experience

The staff of the previous shop are moving with us to the new building. For Serge, have a welcoming and helpful approach to customers is of the utmost importance: "We like to engage with our customers and are happy to rely on an experienced team of familiar faces. Customers can come to us with all their questions and specific wishes, particularly at our butcher's counter."

Entrepreneurship is in Serge's genes. "I worked in the IT sector for years, but I always had a passion for retail. There is a certain human side to it and at the same time, there is a challenge. I have to admit that I also enjoy all the good things in life. So I make it a point of honour to offer our customers only top quality products." The independent entrepreneurs received support from Retail Partners Colruyt Group, in terms of training as well as logistics and marketing. This support has paved the way to creating a solid collaboration for a long-term partnership.

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