Colruyt Belgium And Luxemburg Collectandgo And Solucious Recall New Potatoes Charlotte Of Boni Selection In Plastic Packaging Of 5 Kg

Sales period: from 19/5 up to and including 2/6/2017Analysis of new potatoes charlotte showed the supplier that the allowed residual values for fosthiazate are exceeded in specific batches, coming form Cyprus. As a precaution, Colruyt and Solucious have decided to withdraw the potatoes from the market. Customers are asked not to consume the product because of a possible health risk. If consumers experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. within a few hours after having consumed the potatoes, they are recommended to contact their GP or the Poison Control centre on 070 245 245. Meanwhile, all stores have taken the product off the shelves. Consumers who still have new potatoes charlotte of the batch in question, can return the product to the store. They will be reimbursed there.For more information, customers can call 02 345 2345. Product descriptionBoni Selectioncharlotte new potatoesin plastic packaging of 5 kgSold at Colruyt Belgium and Luxembourg, Collect&Go and Solucious.Sales period: from 19/5 up to and including 2/6/2017 Article number: 28064Origin: CyprusLot numbers:-    For potatoes with best-before date 10/6/2017:      317139120-    For potatoes with best-before date 16/6/2017:     417144400-    For potatoes with best-before date 19/6/2017:     417146410 and 217146710Contact:Hanne PoppeColruyt Group press officerTel: 0473 92 45 10Frequently Asked Questions:I bought this product. What do I do?Do not use it. You can return it to your Colruyt store or Solucious. It will be completely reimbursed. What if I have already eaten it?  The possible symptoms of fosthiazate poisoning are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. Fosthiazate only causes health problems if large amounts are consumed. If you have eaten new potatoes charlotte of Boni Selection and experience the above-mentioned symptoms, we recommend you consult your GP. Are the products not checked before they are put on the shelves? Yes, Colruyt Group has a control programme to monitor the quality and food safety of all our private label products. Where can I get more information?You can call our customer service on the number 02 345 2345.

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