Colruyt Group launches Apporto platform: grocery shopping for others made easy

Halle, 21 March 2018 - Colruyt Group today officially launches a service that makes it easier to do grocery shopping for others. Through this peer-to-peer platform, Apporto, people shopping at Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet or Spar Colruyt Group are brought into contact with people, like you, who want their groceries to be delivered (at home). The service is accessible through the Apporto app for smartphone and via a call operator platform for people with less digital skills. The app is available now in the App Store and Google Play. With the platform Colruyt Group aims to increase the connection between people.

Quick and easy: coordinating the supply and demand of users

Under the motto “Graag gebracht, met plezier gekregen” (“A pleasure to bring, a joy to receive”) the Apporto shopping platform coordinates the supply and demand of registered users. Apport offers solutions for people who don’t know each other yet, as well as for others who are already combining their groceries. 

On the one hand, people who are unable to go to the shop, for example because they are less mobile due to illness or accident or just because they don't have enough time. On the other hand, Apporto is a useful took for everyone prepared to shop groceries for others: neighbours, family, carers, etc. "Apporto is a real peer-to-peer platform. It brings people in contact and offers them the necessary supporting functionalities to organise themselves within a community and in a trusted environment. The app allows you to pass on and combine grocery lists, but also to evaluate other users by means of a 'rating' system," explains Frans Colruyt, COO of Colruyt Group.  

How does that work in practice?
It's easy: suppose Sonia is sick or unable to go to the shop because she had an accident and she wants her groceries to be delivered at home. She enters her grocery list in the Apporto app, as well as the place and time of delivery of her choice. The app will match her request with her contacts or with the entire Apporto community. Olivier, on the other hand, is going to the shop anyway that week. He makes his grocery list, enters it in the app, sees that Sonia lives near him and he tells her that he is prepared to shop for her too. In the app the two grocery lists are combined and displayed in a clear, well-organised manner. When Oliver is done shopping, he registers this in the app and notifies Sonia that he is on his way. He delivers the groceries and she pays with her bank app or in cash. 

Samana Grocery Phone as an alternative for the app
For people with less digital skills Apporto makes a self-developed call operator platform available. A first application, the Samana Grocery List, is currently being rolled out in Flanders. Users pass on their grocery list by telephone to the Samana volunteers (the former CM Ziekenzorg), and then carers or other volunteers will do their grocery shopping. Frans Colruyt: "We are talking to other official organisations to further expand this initiative".

Investing in connecting people 
For Colruyt Group the Apporto platform contributes to adding sustainability to social relations. "In a time of increasing social isolation and people keeping more to themselves, our intention - as a retailer - is to ensure people have more social contacts. Apporto easily makes the link between customers and everyone who is unable to get to the shop, for any reason", says Frans Colruyt. 

The retailer is aware that this story will have to develop gradually, you need both parties, and that it will take time to grow. Frans Colruyt concludes: "We really believe in the feasibility of this wonderful solution".




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