Brand-new Colruyt Kessel-Lo expanded by half its original size

On Wednesday 11 July, the new Colruyt store in Kessel-Lo opens its doors. The brand-new supermarket is in the same location as the former store that was completely demolished. It has also been expanded by half its original size. Customers can now find an even broader range of products, a brand-new butcher's department, a Collect&Go pick-up point and 3 extra checkout stations. The garden on the roof gives the store a nicer look in the neighbourhood.

The former Colruyt store in Kessel-Lo had become too small to shop comfortably. "That is why we completely tore it down and built a new one", says store manager David Drossart. "During construction work, we made sure our customers could continue to benefit from the lowest prices in their area close to home in a temporary store nearby."

Complete assortment on 2,300 m²

"The new store is almost 2,300 m² big, more than half its original size larger", says the store manager. "And a larger store means a broader range of products. Our customers have more options now, especially in the frozen products department and the freshmarket. Three extra checkout stations enable us to serve them even more smoothly."

Butcher's department with open workshop

Customers can choose their fresh quality meat in the self-service butcher's department. Head butcher Ben Geets: "Customers can see the butchers at work in an open workshop and talk to them if they have questions or a special order. Our customers have a nice overview of the range of meat, cold cuts and salads."

New: Collect&Go shops for the customers

Colruyt Kessel-Lo has a Collect&Go pick-up point for customers who like to gain time. Collect&Go is a handy Colruyt Group service, where we shop for the customers. They give us their shopping list online or by means of the app. The products are ready for them at the pick-up point by the day and time they chose.

Free car park with barriers

The store's car park has been equipped with barriers. Store manager David Drossart explains why: “We want to keep our car park free for our customers when they come shopping. The system with barriers allows them to park near the store for free and we make sure they can find a spot even when the store is very busy."

Garden on the roof

This Colruyt store has a garden on the roof. "Different kinds of plants such as mosses, succulents and grasses absorb rainwater and slowly drain it after a shower towards the sewer system", David explains. “Moreover, they keep away the warmth on sunny days. By adding higher plants and bushes, we have realised a real garden feeling and a nicer view for the residents of the neighbouring apartments."

Special open evening

As from Wednesday 11 July, store manager David Drossart, head butcher Ben Geets and their 54 co-workers will welcome their customers at the new Colruyt Kessel-Lo. "The evening before everyone can come and discover the new store", says the store manager. "During this special open evening, from 5 to 8 pm, we will gladly offer our customers a snack and a drink. Everyone is most welcome!"



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Colruyt Kessel-Lo
Tiensesteenweg 237
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Tel. store: 016 26 20 32
Tel. butcher's department: 016 26 20 34

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 20.00
Fri: 8.30 - 21.00

Open evening:
Tuesday 10 July from 17.00 to 20.00

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