OKay Compact opens new store at Weststation in Molenbeek

Wednesday 6 March will see the opening of a new OKay Compact store in Brussels, making it the third city centre convenience store to be opened in Brussels by the OKay supermarket chain. The compact yet practical convenience store is located right next to Weststation. The practical convenience store has everything for local residents as well as passers-by to do their daily shopping quickly, cheaply and easily. In the 10-seater food and dining corner, customers can also purchase snacks, salads and drinks to consume there or take with them on their journey.

Strategic location at Weststation

The brand new store is located on the Ninoofsesteenweg, near Weststation. “It is the ideal location for a city centre convenience store such as OKay Compact, as it is a busy neighbourhood with many local residents and passers-by from the station. Moreover, the building we are in is part of a larger project with a lot of potential, such as apartments, offices and student rooms above our shop", says Gert Somers, manager for OKay Compact. The communication in and about the store has been Western-themed. “We wanted a campaign that linked in with the neighbourhood. As we are located near Weststation, we chose the slogan ‘The fastest shop in the West’.”

Daily groceries, 7 days a week

OKay Compact Molenbeek is fresh and modern, covering an area of 420 m² and employing 10 people. It is a real city centre store: no parking, open on Sundays and with a strong focus on the daily shopping of city people. "Of course everyone is welcome, but we focus specifically on anyone who lives, works or studies in the neighbourhood. As with our other stores, we use the 'two hands, two feet' principle. People come on foot, by public transport or by bicycle and have two hands to carry their groceries," says shop manager Emilien Basse. In the food corner, customers will find a wide range of 'on the go' products, such as sandwiches, cake, hot and chilled drinks, etc. There is also a salad bar and a small but cosy dining area with 10 seats.

Expansion in Brussels continues

It is the third OKay Compact in our capital. The very first OKay Compact opened back in 2012 in Brussels, on Hogeschoollaan in Elsene. A second Brussels store opened in 2016 in the Dansaert district, more specifically in the old Dandoy biscuit factory on Grootsermentstraat. The other OKay Compact stores - the figure is now at 9 - are located in Antwerp and Liège, and recently in Ghent. "It is our ambition to open even more stores in the coming years. We are already working on a new location in Brussels. This will be followed by an extensive evaluation, but given the current success we certainly expect to continue our city centre formula”, says Gert Somers.


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OKay Compact is the urban concept of the OKay supermarket chain. Traditional OKay supermarkets are located along busy access roads or close to town centres, whereas OKay Compact convenience stores are located in city centres. With an average surface area of 350 m², the OKay Compact stores are smaller than traditional OKay supermarkets. The range is slightly more limited, although there are more on-the-go products, such as coffee, chilled drinks and hot snacks. At OKay Compact there are merely shopping baskets, (no trolleys), in order to make shopping as fast and efficient as possible. OKay Compact now has 9 stores in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Liège, and customer reactions have been very positive. The OKay supermarket chain already has around 130 supermarkets and sees potential for 180 supermarkets in the long run.

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