Renovated Colruyt Marcinelle opens on 14 June as a low-energy store

On Wednesday 14 June, the revamped Colruyt Marcinelle will open its doors after a few months of renovation.The store has been expanded, completely rearranged and restyled into a new-generation low-energy Colruyt store.The new butcher's shop is a self-service shop now.


New-generation store

"While the store was closed, we completely rearranged it and expanded the fresh-market", says store manager Vincent Roulet. "Customers can now shop even more efficiently in a more congenial store. The fresh-market has been enlarged. And we have replaced the plastic flaps with an air curtain. When making renovations, we always aim at simplicity and the lowest costs, as our customers expect of us."


Low-energy store

The fronts and roof of the renovated store have had an additional insulation. The store is also more air-proof than it used to be. All this has turned Colruyt Marcinelle into a low-energy store, able to take the step towards sustainable techniques, such as a propylene cooling installation.This project is part of a wider wave of renovations of Colruyt Group, that wants to have only low-energy stores under its own management by 2029. This should reduce its CO2 emissions by another 4 %.


Brand-new butcher's department

For fresh quality meat, customers can visit the brand-new butcher's department. Head butcher Didier Notte: "Our customers have a nice overview of the range of meat, cold cuts and salads. And they can see the butchers at work in an open workshop. Customers can easily talk to them if they have questions or special orders."


Collect&Go shops for the customer

Colruyt Marcinelle now also has a Collect&Go pick-up point. Vincent Roulet: "Collect&Go is the handy Colruyt service where we shop for our customers. They send their shopping list to or via the app, and the Collect&Go employees have their products ready at the pick-up point on the day and time of their choice.Handy!"


Special open house

Store manager Vicent Roulet, head butcher Didier Notte and their 47 employees are looking forward to welcoming their customers at the revamped Colruyt Marcinelle as of Wednesday 14 June.Vincent Roulet: "The evening before, on Tuesday 13 June from 17.00 to 20.00, everyone is invited for a store preview. During this special open house, customers will be offered snacks and a drink. Everyone is most welcome!"


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Tiziano Antenucci (regional manager) at 02 345 2345Silja Decock (press officer Colruyt Group) at 0473 92 45 10

Practical information:

Colruyt Marcinelle
Rue du Grand Pont
166001 Marcinelle

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 20.00
Fri: 8.30 - 21.00

Open evening:
Tuesday 13 June
from 17.00 to 20.00

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