Spar Colruyt Group opens new neighbourhood supermarket in the centre of Wervik

On Thursday 12 September, a brand-new Spar Colruyt Group neighbourhood supermarket will open in the village centre of Wervik. The former building of Lidl has been completely renovated and refurbished in the style of the newest generation of Spar shops. Owners Delphine and Bruno are inviting all their future customers and local residents to the opening reception on Wednesday 11 September. From 18:00 to 21:00 hours, everyone will be welcome for a guided tour, a drink and fries with a homemade stew.

Complete refurbishment

The Lidl branch in Geluwestraat was built in 2006 and closed its doors at the end of May 2012. Spar Colruyt Group bought the building and completely refurbished the business. The retail area is 789 m², with an additional 355 m² of storage space and rooms for staff members. The spacious car park can accommodate 75 cars. The new Spar is located in the centre of Wervik, about a kilometre from the French border. “Our primary aim is to provide the best possible service to all the residents of Wervik," says manager Bruno. “Additionally, there’s a lot of commuting, which also offers opportunities for us and the other merchants on Geluwestraat.”

Youthful enthusiasm and years of experience

The shop is run by Delphine Devadder and Bruno Vervaecke. “In my early years, I used to do holiday jobs in the retail sector. That's where I discovered my passion for nutrition," says Delphine. “Over the last two years, I’ve followed an intensive training course at Colruyt Group Retail Partners so that I can steer this new Spar store in the right direction.” Bruno has lost of experience as an independent entrepreneur: in the past he operated the Spar in Ostend and in Halle. “In recent years, I have been providing training at Spar on the new cash register system and I have provided support to independent entrepreneurs and their employees. From this position and my experience, it is a great opportunity for me to once again be an added value on the shop floor."

First Spar with digital price labels

Spar is installing a new type of electronic price label in Wervik. Delphine: “We will be the first Spar store in Belgium to test and upgrade this new system, so that it can also be made available to other entrepreneurs operating other stores.” Thanks to digital labels, the use of paper reduces significantly. The staff no longer has to change paper labels manually and has more time to focus on its core tasks in the shop.

Focus on fresh produce

The fresh departments of Spar Wervik create a real market feeling. When customers arrive, they are welcomed by the smell of fresh bread and pastries. The owners invested heavily in the latest equipment and techniques for self-rising and self-baking bread and pastries. Cheese and cold cuts are cut and packaged on site. At the delicatessen counter, customers will find a wide choice of home-made dishes. As a professional, the butcher is always on site and can be contacted for questions or specific wishes. 

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