Spar Destelbergen opens its doors in new building

On Thursday 27 September, the brand new Spar Colruyt Group Destelbergen will be opening its doors. The previous garden centre Viva Verde has been completely demolished to make room for a modern supermarket with a larger retail floor space. The store has been refurbished in the style of the new generation of Spar convenience stores of the Retail Partners Colruyt Group.

New style
Spar Destelbergen is at 468 Dendermondesteenweg in a modern new building with a larger retail space and apartments. The result is a spacious supermarket with more than 700m2 of retail space, which meets the quality standards of the new generation of Spar stores. 

“This convenience store is ideally located and easily accessible. The Dendermondesteenweg is a lively road with a lot of commercial businesses, sports complexes and schools. These draw in customers from across the entire region,” says Wouter Van Assche. The independent proprietor has 17 years of retail experience, which he is determined to use to spread the word quickly about the Spar in Destelbergen. 
“We have adjusted our opening hours to fit in with the schools and sports complexes. We shall be opening at 8 a.m. in the mornings, just before school begins. We shall be staying open later in the evenings, until 8 p.m. for people who come here for sports.”

The car park has room for around 50 cars and there is also a spacious, covered bicycle storage.

Concentrating on fresh produce
Providing healthy and fresh food is key for Spar Colruyt Group Destelbergen. And a lot of time has been spent on selecting the range of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh and cooked meats, as well as cheese and bread. Wouter: “We offer all the usual foods, supplemented with a large range of fresh products.” The independent entrepreneur also offers hot and cold catered meals that are prepared in store, guaranteeing fresh and flavoursome food.

Convenient shopping
A lot of thought has also gone into a convenient store layout. Fresh basic products are positioned at the front of the store, so that regular customers lose as little time as possible with their daily shopping. “The bakery is next to the entrance so local residents can buy their fresh bread or pastries more quickly in the mornings,” explains Wouter. Coffee is always provided free of charge as an extra service for every customer.

Service is provided by an enthusiastic team of 12 employees, almost all of them from the region, whose local knowledge is a trump card and ensures a warm welcome. “I want people to feel at home with us,” adds Wouter. “The great thing about the Spar concept is just the contact with the customers.” 

Opening celebrations
Wouter wants to make sure his store meets the everyday requirements and expectations of its customers. Because he wants to be committed to the neighbourhood, he is organising a celebratory reception for the Spar opening in Destelbergen. All local residents are welcome on Wednesday 26 September between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.. 

A snack and a drink will be provided, including those from the Spar fries mobile. The guests can also taste cold meats and cheese from the store. There is a bouncy castle so that younger and older children can let off steam.

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