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Colruyt and OKay recall Brie de Meaux and Coulommiers

16 April 2019

Recall by Colruyt and OKay

11 April 2019

Colruyt warns about allergen egg in Flandrien cheese cubes

26 March 2019

Colruyt and OKay recall reblochon de Savoie cheese

27 February 2019

Colruyt, OKay, Spar Colruyt Group and Bio-Planet recall Boni Selection Bio churned butter

21 January 2019

Colruyt informs: Allergen egg not mentioned on packaging of Everyday spaghetti bolognese in can (in 19 Colruyt stores)

04 January 2019

Colruyt informs about wrong use by date on Boni Selection whole and semi-skimmed fresh milk

20 December 2018

Colruyt recalls Boni Selection chicken-mustard salad

21 November 2018

Warning by Colruyt Group: Colruyt, OKay, OKay Compact, Spar Colruyt Group and Alvo recall Everyday nutmeg

19 November 2018

OKay stores recall gipsy burgers and soup meatballs

02 November 2018

Colruyt recalls Duyvis Crac a Nut Paprika 200 g

25 October 2018

Colruyt informs: Wheat (allergen gluten) and celery not mentioned on the packaging of chicken meatballs with vegetables

15 October 2018

Colruyt recalls Everyday cheese croquettes

08 October 2018

Recall by A’Domo nv

30 August 2018

OKay recalls turkey schnitzel of Volibon.

20 August 2018

The company Kaasimport Jan Dupont recalls products under the Oliviana brand

16 July 2018

Colruyt, Collect&Go and Bio-Planet recall 4 frozen products: Everyday bami and nasi goreng, Boni Selection Bio peas and Boni Selection mix paysanne

16 July 2018

Bio-Planet recalls fermented Karma Kombucha drink 500 ml

13 July 2018

OKay stores recall Prague schnitzels

11 July 2018

Recall tapenade and pesto

09 July 2018

18 Colruyt stores recall country steak

20 June 2018

Colruyt recalls carrot-celery summer salad of Boni Selection with use by date 6/7/2018

15 June 2018

Danival recalls chili con carne

08 June 2018

Recall Boni Selection éclairs 2 pieces 190 g

18 May 2018

Bio-Planet recalls four vegetarian products

14 March 2018

Recall of La vie est belle products

14 March 2018

Bio-Planet recalls organic oxtail

09 March 2018

Arcadie recalls Cook ramsons (16 g)

27 February 2018

Colruyt, Bio-Planet and Collect&Go recall Boni Selection organic tortilla rolls with tomato

06 February 2018

Colruyt Belgium, Colruyt Luxemburg and Collect&Go recall Ardennes pork tenderloin

02 February 2018

By way of precaution Nestlé Belgium removes a batch of Cerelac Cookie Cereal for Fruit Mash 800g from the shelves

21 November 2017

Colruyt and OKay recall Ricordi Prosecco D.O.C. Brut (75 cl)

29 September 2017

OKay and OKay Compact recall pita meat

29 August 2017

Rectification Of Batch Number Nestle Recalls Cerelac Cookie Cereal For Fruit Mash 800 G Of Batch L70080291

12 July 2017

Colruyt Recalls Pistachio Nuts

30 June 2017

Colruyt Belgium And Luxemburg Collectandgo And Solucious Recall New Potatoes Charlotte Of Boni Selection In Plastic Packaging Of 5 Kg

02 June 2017

Colruyt Recalls Chicken Salsa From The Butchers Department

09 May 2017

Lotus Bakeries Recalls Crunchy Biscuit Spread 400 G

03 March 2017

Dobbels Meat Recalls Pork Tenderloin With Mustard Sauce

20 September 2016

Colruyt Okay And Solucious Recall Everyday Orange Juice 100 Percent Pure Squeezed 2 L

24 August 2016

Colruyt Group Recalls Boni Selection Bio Quinoa 500 G

18 August 2016

La William Recalls Curry 300 Ml

12 July 2016

Recall Of Wonderful Pistachios 250 G Pistachio Nuts With Pepper And Salt

01 July 2016

Colruyt Recalls Martino Spread From Fresh Market

18 April 2016

Colruyt Recalls Boni Selection Smoked Salmon Salad

11 March 2016

Okay And Okay Compact Recall Pork Skewers

01 February 2016

Lutti Nv Recalls Lutti Bears 1 Kg

29 January 2016

Colruyt And Collectandgo Recall Tortilla Preparation Tortiya Of 5 Senses

06 January 2016

Bioplanet Recalls Biobim Baby Muesli 300 G

12 November 2015

Colruyt Recalls Boni Selection North Sea Fish Salad

12 November 2015

Colruyt Okay And Okay Compact Recall Prepared Filet Americain

06 November 2015

Recall Of Piet Huysentruyt Spaghetti Mix

16 April 2015

Colruyt Recalls Passendale Classic Cheese Slices

02 April 2015

Colruyt Okay And Solucious Call Back Frozen Boneless Salmon Steaks Of The Brands Boni Selection And Kelvin Because They May Contain Bones

13 March 2015

Colruyt Collectgo And Okay Call Back Roquefort 100 G

05 March 2015

Colruyt Okay And Alvo Call Back Rio Ammonia 1 L

20 February 2015

17 Colruyt Stores And Okay Recall Farm Chipolata

29 January 2015

Colruyt Okay Spar Alvo And Solucious Recall Everyday And Boni Selection Waffles

25 November 2014

Spar And Alvo Recall Spar And Alvo Meatballs 3 X 100 G

22 October 2014

Colruyt And Okay Recall Fettini Di Coppa

18 February 2014

Colruyt Okay And Solucious Recall Ringis Frozen Red Cabbage

06 December 2013

Okay And A Number Of Colruyt Stores Recall Their Minced Beefpork Mixture

18 November 2013