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On Saturday 11 April, DreamLand organised its fifth edition of "Let's Bike!'. During this event, trained employees taught children between the ages of four and eight the first steps to ride a bike on their own. And the parents receive tips to practise at home. Through the years, 'Let’s Bike!' has become a classic. The session of April 11th was a great success. Another session will be organised on April 18th. A playful schoolLearning how to ride a bike is an important milestone in a child's life. Because parents not always know how to handle this, DreamLand puts them on the right track. For five years now, Belgium's largest toy specialist has been organising 'Let's Bike!' free training sessions in which children are guided step by step in how to ride a bike on their own. The parents receive tips and a playful step-by-step plan to continue coaching their child at home.Room for 4,320 participantsDreamLand noticed there is a need for initiatives like 'Let's Bike!'. Year after year, registrations come in smoothly and the places available in most stores are occupied. Children and their parents even come by on the day of the sessions. They see the other children ride a bike and they also want to have a go. On April 11th, 2,160 kids participated in 'Let's Bike!'. In two days’ time, a total of 4,320 children will have learned how to ride a bike in 36 stores.Focus on habituation and balanceDuring 'Let's Bike!', the children are introduced to the first steps of riding a bike: habituation, balance and taking off with your bike. The first two steps are the most important ones in the entire learning process. "Children must first get acquainted to the weight and size of their bike", Dirk Berteloot says. "After that, we practise on keeping their balance when they are on the bike." Many parents still rely on bikes with training wheels, but children do not learn how to keep their balance like this. Therefore, DreamLand advises parents to teach their children how to ride a bike with running bikes. With those bikes, children learn how to keep their balance and can start riding a real bike much more quickly in a later stage.Practical informationOn Saturday April 18th, for the second time, 'Let's Bike!' will take place from 13 to 17 h in all DreamLand stores,  except in DreamLand Herstal, Erpent, Huy, Verviers, Marche-en-Famenne, Eeklo and Ghent.1 session takes about 45 minutes.DreamLand provides a bike and a helmet for each child to be used during the practise session.For more information:Dirk Berteloot, Dreamland managing director:E-mail: dirk.berteloot@dreamland.beJan Derom, press officer Colruyt GroupMobile phone: 0473 92 45 10E-mail: jan.derom@colruytgroup.be

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