Colruyt Okay And Alvo Call Back Rio Ammonia 1 L

Announcement by Boomerang BVBARecall of Piet Huysentruyt Spaghetti MixProblem: the product may contain traces of peanut (arachis)An inspection by the FASFC revealed the presence of peanut (arachis) in Piet Huysentruyt Spaghetti Mix.Consuming Piet Huysentruyt Spaghetti Mix can cause reactions in people who are allergic to this.We want to inform consumers who are allergic to peanuts that this product contains this allergen, despite the lack of this information on the packaging. There is no risk for consumers who are not allergic.Consequently, Boomerang BVBA decided in consultation with the FASFC to remove this product from the shelves and to ask consumers to return this product to the store.Boomerang BVBA heeft daarom in samenspraak met het FAVV beslist om dit product uit de handel te halen en aan de consumenten te vragen dit product terug te brengen.Description of the product:- Piet Huysentruyt Spaghetti Mix- Best before 6/2/2017- Batch number 1015- Sold from end March 2015 to the first half of April 2015Information for consumersIf you are allergic to the allergen peanut (arachis) we definitely advise you not to consume this product.You can take the product back to the sales outlet where you will be reimbursed.Tel. Contact: 03 766 73 30Boomerang BVBA – Alex Helsen – Sofie Beke


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