Okay And A Number Of Colruyt Stores Recall Their Minced Beefpork Mixture

Microbiological checks performed by the Colruyt lab have revealed the presence of Salmonella spp in the minced pork/beef mixture of the OKay stores and a number of Colruyt stores (see list below). Out of precautionary considerations, Colruyt and OKay have decided to withdraw the below products from sales. The other products based on minced meat (like hamburgers or sausages) do not present any problems. Colruyt and OKay are asking their customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the store. The product will then be refunded. Meanwhile, the product was removed from the shelves in all the stores where it was on offer. Product description: Prepared minced beef/pork (packed in a protective atmosphere)Best before date: 20/11/2013This minced meat was being sold in the stores as from 13/11/2013. Article number used at OKay: 37567Article number used at Colruyt 11067In the following Colruyt stores: Antwerp-South, Balen, Brugge Sint-Pieters, Châtelet, Courcelles, Dampremy, Deurne Noord, Etterbeek Jourdan, Eupen, Gembloux, Haacht, Herve, Keerbergen, Kelmis, Laken, Lanaken, Lebbeke, Molenbeek, Quiévrain, Ronse, Sint-Genesius-Rode, Stabroek, Ukkel, Wommelgem.Customers can call the number 02 360 10 40 or contact info@colruyt.be for more information.  FAQsI have bought this product. What do I do?Do not consume the article. Take it back to your store and we will refund you.What if I have already eaten it?Possible symptoms of contamination with Salmonella are fever, stomach cramps and diarrhoea within 12 to 48 hours. Young children, pregnant women, people with decreased immunity and elderly run a higher risk of contamination.If you have eaten this product and are experiencing these symptoms, consult your family doctor. Tell the doctor that you have eaten this product and specify the nature of the germ (salmonella). Are any expenses (for doctor, emergency department, blood test, ...) refunded?Expenses related to the disease will be refunded. To obtain payment, provide us with the necessary evidence that you received from your attending medical practitioner, specifying that it involves salmonella.Who can guarantee that I will not get sick in the weeks to come? The time between the infection and the outbreak of the disease resulting therefrom (= incubation period) generally lasts one day. Can I return leftovers for analysis?Yes, you can return leftovers of the product. What is the shelf life of the products being recalled? Products having as shelf life 20/11/2013 are being recalled as a precautionary measure. What with the other products with minced meat? The other products based on minced meat (like hamburgers or sausages) do not present any problems. Where can I get more information?Call our customer service at 02 360 10 40 or send a mail to info@colruyt.be. This message was drawn up in consultation with the Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain.

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