Recall Of Wonderful Pistachios 250 G Pistachio Nuts With Pepper And Salt

Recall of Wonderful Pistachios 250 g - pistachio nuts with pepper and salt Problem: too high a content of aflatoxin B1. During an inspection by the FASFC they found too high a content of aflatoxin B1 in roasted pistachio nuts pepper & salt 250 g from California produced in Germany.Aflatoxins are mycotoxins that can be present in several products such as grain coffee rice raisins and dried fruit. Only the consumption of a large amount of polluted products can lead to health problems. People who have hepatitis are allergic to aflatoxins.In consultation with the FASFC Wonderful Brands BVBA decided to remove these pistachio nuts from the stores and to recall products already sold to consumers.Description of the product:- Roasted pistachio nuts pepper & salt 250 g- Best before: 31/03/2017- Batch code: B6055- For sale as from 05/02/16- Sold in bags of 250 g- The recall only concerns this packaging – Wonderful Pistachios pepper & salt 250 g and only this date.Information for consumers :Stores concerned by this recall:- Carrefour stores- Colruyt stores- Makro stores- Mestdagh storesIf you purchased this product please return it to the store where you bought it. You will be reimbursed.For more information you can contact Wonderful Brands or call +32 (0) 2 719 04 30Wonderful Brands BvbaFranklin Rooseveltlaan 3489000 Ghent Belgium"""

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