Colruyt Collectgo And Okay Call Back Roquefort 100 G

On Wednesday 22 April the Colruyt Gilly store will open its doors again after several months of renovation. This store is part of the new generation of Colruyt stores and comes with many changes, particularly in terms of colours and materials used. The layout of the racks has been fully revised and the butcher's department completely revamped.New-generation storeStore manager Mathieu Cloet: "Colruyt regularly renovates its stores to refresh them, but also, more importantly, to improve their efficiency. In particular by using new colours, new materials, clearer price labels, more comfortable clothing for our employees,... The focus is on simplicity and achieving the lowest costs. That is, after all, what our customers look for and expect from Colruyt." Larger fresh market and new butcher's departmentThe store manager: "Wider aisles further increase the customers' shopping comfort. The fresh market has been expanded and the butcher's department rearranged." Butcher's shop manager Maxime Grandjean explains: "Our customers will have a better overview of our range of meat, charcuterie and salad products. They will also be able to see our butchers at work in an open workshop, and  ask questions." Collect&Go: Colruyt shops for its customersThe Collect&Go pick-up point in Gilly has been enlarged and moved to the other side of the store. "Collect&Go is the handy Colruyt online shopping service", the store manager continues. "Customers send us their shopping lists over the Internet or using their smartphones, and we have their products ready at the pick-up point on the day and time of their choice. This is a handy service, and it saves time!"Special open-evening From Wednesday 22 April, manager Mathieu Cloet, butcher's shop manager Maxime Grandjean and their 53 employees will be on hand to welcome customers at the new Colruyt Gilly store.Mathieu Cloet: "The evening before, on Tuesday evening 21 April from 17.00 to 20.00, everyone is invited for a preview of the renovations. During this special open-evening, customers will be offered snacks and a drink. Everyone is most welcome!"

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