Colruyt Okay And Okay Compact Recall Prepared Filet Americain

Microbiological checks by the Colruyt laboratory showed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in the product Prepared Filet Américain. Infection by listeria may be dangerous for young children, pregnant women (risk of miscarriage), people with reduced immunity and elderly people. Possible symptoms of infection by listeria are nausea and vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhoea or constipation, headache and persisting fever (flu feeling). When in doubt, it is advised to consult a doctor. Colruyt, OKay and OKay Compact have therefore decided to remove the Prepared Filet Américain from the shelves. The product is available for sales in the fresh food departments at OKay, OKay Compact and a number of Colruyt stores (see list below). However, nothing is wrong with the products based on ground beef sold at the Colruyt butcher's shops and the self-service butcher's counters. Colruyt, OKay and OKay Compact are asking their customers not to consume the Prepared Filet Américain and to return it to the store. The product will then be refunded. Meanwhile, all stores involved have removed the products from the shelves.Product description :Available at OKay, OKay Compact and in these Colruyt stores: Dilbeek, Etterbeek (Jourdan),Laken, Braine-le-Château, Stabroek, Lebbeke, Mouscron, Courcelles, Quiévrain, Herve, Wommelgem and Lanaken.Prepared Filet Américain +/- 200 g (packed under protective atmosphere)Use by: 11/11/2015  Article numbers:- At Colruyt: 11080- At OKay and OKay Compact: 37580Sold from Wednesday 4/11 until Friday 6/11/2015Manufacturer: Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat, Bilkensveld 3, 1500 HalleRecognition number: B650-HFor more information, customers can call the telephone number 02 360 10 40ContactMélanie BraibantQuality ManagerPress officerJan DeromTel. 0473 92 45 10

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