Colruyt Okay And Solucious Call Back Frozen Boneless Salmon Steaks Of The Brands Boni Selection And Kelvin Because They May Contain Bones

By the end of May Colruyt Group will among its own brands Everyday and Boni Selection offer no less than 8 new fish products with the ASC sustainability label. It concerns six types of fresh smoked and deep-frozen salmon and two types of Black Tiger scampi. These products meet the strict sustainability standards imposed by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council for fish farms.  As such Colruyt Group takes a next step in making its range of farmed fish and seafood more sustainable. The group already obtained ASC certification for pangasius tilapia and one type of deep-frozen salmon and scampi. A first for ASC salmonIn late 2014 Colruyt Group was the first Belgian distributor to introduce ASC certified salmon only a few months after the first salmon farms obtained their ASC certification.  In February of this year 5 new types of fresh and smoked Norwegian salmon were added. In April deep-frozen salmon from the Faroe Islands was included and in November the group added a second salmon product from the same islands. Goal: 100% ASC in 2017By the end of 2014 Colruyt Group wishes 40% of its turnover to come from ASC certified salmon and is aiming for 100% by 2017. In order to display and use the ASC label the farms need to meet a whole range of very strict standards:- maintaining the natural habitat the biodiversity and the operation of the ecosystem- protecting the health and genetic integrity of the wild populations (keeping sickness under control no cross-breeding with wild species)- responsible use of resources (recycling etc.)- responsible handling of diseases and parasites (treatment with antibiotics is strictly regulated).Moreover the major actors in the industry initiated by the Global Salmon Initiative set themselves the goal of being 100% ASC certified by 2020.First ASC certified scampi in BelgiumAt the end of 2014 Colruyt Group launched a first type of deep-frozen scampi with ASC label of the Vannamei variety. In June two more types of Black Tiger scampi will be added under the Boni Selection house brand. The Black Tiger scampi are farmed in a traditional slower way which contributes to their size and quality. In order to use the ASC label the farms need to meet the strictest current standards in terms of environment health and working conditions:- the use of antibiotics is strictly limited- only certified sustainable food is used (e.g. no meal from endangered fish species)- the products have to be traceable back to the farms- the farms need to have sustainable water management and comply with standards for the origin of the water the consumption and the purification of waste water- the farms must meet international standards for working conditionsGradual sustainability of the own brandsColruyt Group thus takes a new step towards a more sustainable fish and shellfish range. The Everyday and Boni Selection fresh and deep-frozen wild fish range for example has not contained any endangered species since 2013. In the farmed fish range Colruyt Group has already obtained ASC certification for pangasius (fresh and deep-frozen 2012) and tilapia (deep-frozen 2013) apart from the salmon and scampi certifications.* Full audit every three years with an annual inspectionMore informationJan Derom press manager Colruyt GroupTel.: 02 363 55 45 or 0473 92 45 10E-mail:"""

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