Colruyt Okay And Solucious Recall Everyday Orange Juice 100 Percent Pure Squeezed 2 L

Colruyt, OKay and Solucious recall Everyday orange juice 100 % pure squeezed (2 l) Following reports of customers, we found the yeast saccharomyces in the 100% pure squeezed orange juice of Everyday (fresh market, plastic 2 l bottle). Saccharomyces is a yeast that converts sugars into gas making it possible for the bottle to tear or burst open (especially during transport). There is no health risk at all. The orange juice can taste sour, but it can be consumed. Meanwhile, all bottles have been removed from the shelves as a precaution. Customers who bought this product, are advised to open it carefully outside and to return the empty bottle or their receipt to their Colruyt or OKay store. It will be refunded. Product description Everyday orange juice 100 % pure squeezed (2 l)Sold at Colruyt, Colruyt Luxembourg, OKay and Solucious.Article number: 44390.All batch numbers can be returned. For more information, customers can call 02 360 10 40. Press officer Patricia VerdoodtPress officer Colruyt GroupTel.: 0473 92 45 10 Frequently Asked Questions: I bought this product. What do I do?-----------------------------------------Since gas develops in the bottle, we advise you to take it outside and open it very slowly to let the gas escape little by little. Return the empty bottle or your receipt to your Colruyt or OKay store. The product will be refunded.   What if I already drank some? -----------------------------------------The orange juice can taste a little sour, but there is absolutely no health risk.   What is saccharomyces?-----------------------------------------Saccharomyces is a yeast used in the food industry to make beer or bread. Consequently, the consumption of this yeast presents no health risk at all.   Where can I get more information?-----------------------------------------You can call our customer service at 02 360 10 40.  

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