Colruyt Okay And Solucious Recall Ringis Frozen Red Cabbage

Following complaints from consumers it was found that a number of packs of Ringis frozen red cabbage ready-made 1 kg might contain plexiglass particles. The product is sold by Colruyt Belgium and Luxembourg, Okay and the food service company Solucious. Out of precautionary considerations Colruyt, OKay and Solucious have withdrawn the product from sales. They are also asking their customers not to consume the product and to return it to the store, where it will be refunded. The Colruyt lab explicitly states that the other frozen products of the private label Ringis do not present any problem. Product description: Ringis frozen red cabbage ready-made 1 kg- article number 30049- best-before date 10/2015- sold from 07/11 to 06/12- batch doe 243304Customers can visit or call the number 02 363 54 54 for more information.Lieve BlommeQuality Assurance Team ManagerPress officer: Jan Derom Tel.: 0473 92 45 10 FAQs- I have bought this product. What do I do?Do not consume the article. Take it back to your store and we will refund you.- What if I have already eaten it?If you have eaten this product and are experiencing adverse gastrointestinal problems, consult your family doctor. Are any expenses (for doctor, emergency department, blood test, ...) refunded?Expenses resulting from the consumption of the product will be refunded. To obtain payment, make sure to provide us with the necessary evidence that you received from your attending medical practitioner.- Can I return leftovers for analysis?Yes, you can return leftovers of the product.- What is the shelf life of the products being recalled?We recall all products with a shelf life up to 10/2015. - What with the other products of the Ringis label? The other frozen products of the Ringis label do not present any problems. Where can I get more information?Call our customer service at 02 363 54 54. This message was drawn up in consultation with the Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain.

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